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Published on February 18, 2022

TV networks are rebooting some of their most beloved comedy series – but this time they’re deadly serious.

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  • Jo Po 2 years ago

    Things get dark when roving gangs start attacking overtly happy people in –
    Curb Stomp Your Enthusiasm

  • The Thinking Cat aka Neo Normie 2 years ago

    Ok Boomer Bill

  • JEIL 2 years ago

    This was weak. You need new writers bro.

  • Wild Rice 2 years ago

    Maybe not the worst idea, I actually liked Chilling Adventures of Sabrina better than the original.

  • Especioso Sahsuh 2 years ago

    Bel air: how to debute as a failure.

  • Nick B 2 years ago

    Don’t forget the Feelings of Life where a 600lb Natalie refuses to leave her safe space bedroom and Joe has a real set of balls.

  • Daemon Electricity 2 years ago

    “Schitt’s Just Got Real.” Ozark: Am I a joke to you?

  • Jo Po 2 years ago

    A Hispanic family from a small town get moved to LA for witness protection in – Mex In The City.

  • dryzalizer 2 years ago

    Alf: Resurrection. He still says “I kill me!” but this time he literally does it.

  • andre bouchard 2 years ago

    Schitt Creek is a show depicting Trump family futur.

  • mwall444 2 years ago

    Could of called it Gayberry.
    Missed Opportunity!

  • Sam Osteen 2 years ago

    It’s bad enough that the jokes are weak, but the fact that he can’t even deliver the lines because he’s laughing at his own jokes is just sad. You can do better, Bill. I believe it. I rarely see it, but I still believe you could if you just tried a little harder.

  • Donna Bissell 2 years ago

    Bill used to be funny and insightful now he isn’t either. I can’t wait for John Oliver to be back from break.

  • Dylan 2 years ago

    The Schitt’s Creek send up was funny as hell.


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