Matt Gaetz Pal Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Pro-Pedophile” Meltdown & Trump Haunted By Pizza with Palin

Published on April 5, 2022

The Kansas Jayhawks came back from being down 15 points at half to beat North Carolina in the men’s March Madness Tournament, Jimmy’s wife Molly actually correctly predicted that Kansas would win the whole thing, Obama returned to the White House for the first time since leaving office to celebrate the twelve year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, Amazon workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Staten Island were able to successfully unionize over the weekend and we were able to get a list of banned words from their internal messaging app, Tesla CEO Elon Musk joined the Board of Directors at Twitter after buying 9% stake in the company, Donald Trump’s “Truth Social” is still non-functional, a new study at Stanford and Yale showed that Fox viewers that were paid to watch CNN actually changed their minds on a variety of issues, Lara Trump was on Hannity to remind us all that her father-in-law is always right, Trump is still haunted by eating pizza with Sarah Palin and using a fork, Marjorie Taylor Greene called Republican Senators “pro-pedophile” for supporting Ketanji Brown Jackson, and the Georgia Department of Education has already made a new instructional video to help focus on “patriotic education.”

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  • Johan Van Der Watt 1 year ago

    Go Elon, Twitter must be saved and free speech must return.

  • LW Riker 1 year ago

    Add to banned words/phrases: Help me! -THX 1138-

  • Venom G 1 year ago

    Did he say “one of the bigly reasons”? Lol

  • André Mimoun 1 year ago

    Trump is the new don quichotte : je spends his days fighting windmills

  • mrsr003 1 year ago

    Your wife is beautiful and seems so nice!

  • Alex Vara de Rey 1 year ago

    Marjorie Taylor-Greene might like to have a word with Tennessee who have just voted in a new marriage bill that has no age limit.

  • EnjoyToday 1 year ago

    Patriotic education ? Sounds like something the Nazis would have done !

  • Treasure Poem 1 year ago

    @Jimmy Kimmel Ask Molly who actually found Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest or the even harder question of, where was it found (hint it was found somewhere in the state of Wyoming, according to Forrest Fenn)?

    Even Marilyn vos Savant the person with the highest recorded IQ probably can’t figure out either of those two questions because I asked her on February 28, 2022 and her lack of response says it all.

  • Sum Creations 1 year ago

    It seems like the workers at Amazon don’t actually know who their CEO is. They still think Jeff Bezos runs things

  • germanqr 1 year ago

    That was hilarious, vice President Biden and vice oh

  • Leslie 1 year ago

    Not teaching History in school is called socialism!

  • DRONE;ж;DOME 三FPV三 1 year ago

    It’s okay Joe… Everyone misses him… Besides, he’s a hard act to follow.

  • Spiderific! 1 year ago

    That’s a scary legislation. This apologist history crap has got to stop. You can’t learn from the past if you erase it.


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