Beto O’Rourke On The Spike In Shootings After Gov. Abbot Loosened Gun Laws In Texas

Published on June 24, 2022

In the second part of Stephen’s interview with Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic nominee for governor of Texas tells Stephen how the people of his state, including members of law enforcement, feel about Gov. Abbot’s relentless drive to loosen restrictions on gun ownership and the devastating spike in violence that ensued as a result. #Colbert #Beto #BetoORourke

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  • TheEnnisfan 11 months ago

    I went to high school with this dude. I’d like to think that Texans will get it right and vote him in, but I have my doubts. It’s a MASSIVE undertaking trying to get the state of TX to go Blue. Good luck to you, Beto. TX needs you.

  • Lavelle Klobes 11 months ago

    Parents of children living at home should be responsible for there kids living at HOME !!! Who kill people!!!

  • Pvt TJ 11 months ago

    Go. Beto

  • सहर्ष 11 months ago


  • eschdaddy 11 months ago

    We need to ensure that all barrels are registered. Each barrel has a license and the licensee is libel for everything that happens with that barrel. Of course 21 should be the minimum age.

  • Thomas Kristensen 11 months ago

    Beto is to good for Texas they will never ever elect him.

  • Fair Dinkum 11 months ago

    I remember that time when trump mocked a disabled journalist…
    Greg Abbott said….. Nothing!

    For a Governor who can’t protect disabled people like himself, what was Texas hoping for?
    Go Beto!

  • Paul Elford 11 months ago

    Charge Abbott as an accomplice

  • Greg Brogan 11 months ago

    The GOP has lost its collective mind! Especially in Texas! I hope Texans have enough intelligence to vote O’Rourke. But so many seem delusional!
    Years ago I was living in the USA and was about to move overseas. I was having dinner with a very smart Texas-raised friend and he brought his brother and sis-in-law who were visiting from Texas. The sis-in-law said to me in her thick accent, “I heard you are planning to leave the USA, I just can’t imagine why you would do that!” I asked “Why?” She replied “A couple weeks ago, I was in a mall in Texas and two shops over there was a shooting! If it’s that bad in Texas, I can’t imagine how bad it is where you are going!” I’m really not joking!

  • Su Jones 11 months ago

    Beto has more faith in Texas than me.

  • Jim Kemp 11 months ago

    If you carry a gun in Canada you go to jail.

  • Michele 11 months ago

    I now regret moving out of Texas. I’d love to vote for Beto. Goodness knows with Tom Cotton and Huckaby-Sh1Tstick I’m screwed. (I’m not a Democrat) They hate our kind here, and yes I mean they are racist af.

  • James O Hara 11 months ago

    Genuine person

  • @TheActorChef 11 months ago

    He has my vote!! #DALLAS

  • The Storm Vergil 11 months ago

    As a texan, God i hope Beto wins this time, im so fking tired of republican leadership here

  • Manda 11 months ago

    Everyone in Texas needs to vote for Beto. Otherwise, there may never be a chance for you to vote again.


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