U.S. Beats Iran! | China Buries News About Protests | Will & Kate Are Headed To Boston

Published on November 29, 2022

The U.S. advanced in the World Cup tournament today with a win against Iran, China’s government used Twitter bots to suppress information about protests against Covid lockdowns, and Britain’s royals are prepping a trip across the pond. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue


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  • Olufemi Agbato 2 months ago

    We will jail you if you Kiss-Cam 😅😅

  • stratocasterblue 2 months ago

    When are you ever going to stop drinking 5ths of rum colbert poor town screaming drunk

  • EBTHQ 2 months ago

    You showed your captain scoring a goal, but not him writhing on the grass clutching his balls in pain? Yea, fair coverage.

  • Jane Guarnera 2 months ago

    Wtf! We bombed Iran for no reason, decimated the population there, for no reason and ya celebrating beatin’ them in a ball game. Can’t remember the last time I clicked on a thumbs down…Steven WTF?

  • Sue Yourself 2 months ago

    Such a shame that the US got lucky and beat a football nation like Iran.
    It was such a one sided game. The Americans scored once on a fluke and spent the entire game defending.
    I’ll be supporting the Netherlands and Senegal, am I from either? No, they’re just playing deplorable shiteholes that need to be put in their place.

  • djun gabao 2 months ago

    See the insanity of the GOP? It’s corrupting every institution that American founders set in place..Kari Lake is running for the worst denier in the U.S. she already has outdone MTaylor Greene and Boebert..

  • TheNecromancer6666 2 months ago

    You know, once, in the republican party, there were people who had different opinions to myself. But who I could respect. John McCain for example. Right now I see party of neo nazis who have no place being free.

  • Musashi Miyamoto 2 months ago

    Yes, they are moving on the the 1/8 finals where they will surely go out. Bye bye, now (says the Lancome lady)! Oh, and that is one invasion of Iran for which the US won’t have to expect retaliation.

  • ErF RooT 2 months ago

    Fun Fact: we are celebrating your win in Tehran 😂😂😂😂 you gotta be here to see how ridiculous this regime looks up close

  • Frank Advice 2 months ago

    quick reminder that Mike Pence isn’t sure if cigarettes cause cancer. That’s just a liberal myth.

  • Bee Whistler 2 months ago

    Yeah… don’t care who won the World Cup anything.

  • Tara Williams 2 months ago

    Omg I just love my president Joe Biden God bless him

  • Barwaqo Rashiid 2 months ago

    It us a great victory for the US for beating Iran, and the should beat more countries. The US should be the world Champs. Congrats from Somali Land. Ahmed Nalayeh. Go go USA.

  • ErF RooT 2 months ago

    a day before the match day between Wales and Iran, Iranian government thugs killed Kurds then danced in Kurdish style with Kurdish music the day after match after they won against Wales

  • Wind Roos 2 months ago

    The 45th had dinner with:
    A black anti semitic that believes himself is an israeli, from some bs that is making surface over dumbdumbs… We have our own gods, beautiful black gods and godess. Kanye should learn about his original tribe.
    An incel, that believes that having sex with women is gay, subdued ofc by a fiction of what sparta was, what it meant. A south american that because his grandfather was a nazi believes that he is pure blood…. An incel that makes his “boys” not jerk off or have any relation but keeps them in a basement… No… Not crazy a t a l l.
    And a pedophile, lets not forget the pedophile…. M’key?

    As gor all the bs that followed
    The 45th has a brief of everyone that he receives, the pedophile is a trump hater so i imagine the secret service…
    There is more but I’m fed up with lies and stupidity.

  • Captain Adams 2 months ago

    America is playing with the Arsenal second choice goalkeeper. The Arsenal first choice goalkeeper is the England second choice goalkeeper.

  • Daniel Robert 2 months ago

    USA are looking like a good team and I’m really excited that the sport is growing there. Wales USA England Iran was such a fun group

  • Gerard ODwyer 2 months ago

    US beat global soccer powerhouse Iran 1-0. Wow. Break out the champagne.


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