Trump “Livid” About NY Fraud Trial as Don Jr. Gets Grilled by Prosecutors: A Closer Look

Published on November 2, 2023

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump Jr. testifying in the fraud trial against his family’s business that he had virtually nothing to do with his own company’s financial documents, despite personally signing them.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Brendan McGee 6 months ago

    Correction: Technically, at some point during every game, no matter who scores a touchdown, Giants fans will see the end zone.

  • YourMomsSpecial69Friend 6 months ago

    “I either have to put on this bowtie or take off these pants”, with no reference to his Borat cameo, left me disappointed. As always, the remainder made up for it.

  • Extreme Edison 6 months ago

    Accountants prefer real numbers because the math is easier.

  • Debbie DeMichele 6 months ago

    You know when Trump says “people say” he’s really saying that’s what I’m saying. He says it so often, it’s like a broken record..

  • MoAudi Brown 6 months ago

    Can I sue her for wearing animal print clothing 🤦

  • Tony 6 months ago

    This dude is so unfunny. And it’s pretty hard to screw up a trump joke, they practically write themselves. He’s just terrible

  • billy ashley 6 months ago

    man you need to get a life

  • roger peet 6 months ago

    Thump said his Thump Tower apt had 100,000 sq ft for tax purposes.

    what a crazy nazi

  • in4cer 6 months ago

    The entire state of Florida isn’t worth $1.2Bn.

  • Anthony Daniel 6 months ago

    I feel like gaining lots of wealth doesn’t change people, but it actually affords them the opportunity to be who they really are inside. If someone is awful and wealthy, they’d be terrible people without the money and probably don’t deserve to be rich.

  • Chris Nesbitt 6 months ago

    I only watch the monologue when I’ve seen all the Closer Looks…

  • Vicky True 6 months ago

    Funny Don Jr pretending that he doesn’t have make-up lol

  • Durrell Walker 6 months ago

    I’m just curious, but if the property is worth a billion dollars, and he says it’s worth less for taxes purposes, then doesn’t prove the case against him.

  • OsamaBinLadensSecondGirlfriend 6 months ago

    1.5 billion… What a joke.

    Buckingham Palace is 1.6 billion, and it has historical weight, cultural significance, better location, more square footage and isn’t used to store classified documents.

    And Trump hasn’t lived in it.

  • rocketsauce 6 months ago

    Correction: Chester Cheeto is a Cheetah, distinguished by dots on fur, while Sydney Powell is wearing Leopard print distinguished by florets.

  • Whack bag 6 months ago

    Clear eyes, full hearts…

  • Kyerin Bennett 6 months ago

    6:59 thank you for that tuxedo shirt observation Rudy is such a whack a doodle. 😂

  • Kathleen Dunlap 6 months ago

    Mara lardo isn’t a house. It’s a golf club and can’t be made into a home!

  • Niles Oien 6 months ago

    I think Powell is wearing a leopard top, not a cheeta top, which of course I mention because I just want to hear that sweet sweet Animal Flub song.


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