World Leaders Try To Wish Away Climate Change, Bezos Skips Halloween To Party With Bill Gates

Published on November 1, 2021

Trick-or-treaters were turned away from Jeff Bezos’s house this year, because the Amazon founder skipped town for a yacht party with fellow billionaire Bill Gates. Over in Europe, G20 leaders tossed coins into a fountain to celebrate their agreement on a target date for global net zero carbon emissions. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • N S 7 months ago

    You want to help in climate change well stop using gas cars, air conditioner, refrigerator, oven, shoes, tooth brush, clothes and so on…because green gas emitted in producing everything modern human need…

  • Vanessa Church 7 months ago


  • Edward Blair 7 months ago

    Good thing it wasn’t the previous president at the G20 this time around. He probably would have faked the coin toss and pocketed it.

  • Donna Arsenoff 7 months ago

    Love Jon’s sweater. 👍

  • The penalty of living Is suffering 7 months ago

    How hilarious you go on ofjeff besos while the G 20 2 times held in 2 weeks pumped out so much carbon emissions while telling the world to do something about climate change and this clown stephen colbert maybe the biggest joker of the lot 😂

  • Kenneth Vance 7 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣 I’m against exercise! Yeah Boycott it!😭

  • mc23243 7 months ago

    Climate change might finally free this planet from us, terrible humans

  • Real Creature 7 months ago

    It appears that world leaders have given up on the climate. Do they know something we don’t…?

  • Future Commentary 7 months ago

    I give ALL my fortune to fight diseases and climate change and you’ll slam me for one measly tiny little party? Come on! What have you done for humanity lately.

  • johnny hensley 7 months ago

    your a fool if guy into this climate change bs

  • Caroljo 420 7 months ago

    We don’t have that much time. I think it’s already too late, because methane hydrate is melting, dumping tons of methane into the atmosphere.

  • Sky So Few 7 months ago

    Congratulations Jeff Bezos. You did it!!

  • wirehyperspace 7 months ago

    HI – solving the global warming problem is to brilliant for government and they all know their all caught doing everybody wrong and will have to pay when a quantum computing satellite goes on line in space – like only wanted to make dust bunnies to keep us paying their bills – but wanted a space force to say give us bills out in space too – just eat the turd sandwich and like it – so have royal brown teeth from mars bar or become space junk for your water because royal pain in ass isn’t getting the job done taking everybody for their e=mc2

  • David Englund 7 months ago

    oh come on boris a never had to share anything in his life.

  • Blizzard 7 months ago

    Yeah we have Halloween here in Australia to, we have to do something about climate change, as the neighbours kids are looking uglier by the year, and yes I live in WA the state without covid,

  • michael crispin 7 months ago

    Trick or Treat? Reminds me of a Garfield comic strip where he answers the door, pulls a rabbit out of a top hat, then slams the door in the faces of the trick-or-treaters !

  • The Badminton Addict 7 months ago

    In other news, “Let’s go Brandon” takes over the world!

  • various corn 7 months ago

    gotta admit… put the same note on my door.

  • ForeverMe543 7 months ago

    Not only does Bezos not give to charity or pay taxes but he couldn’t even spend a measly $30 on candy? I really hate this man.


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