Nico Parker’s Sister Cursed Out Boris Johnson

Published on January 12, 2023

Nico Parker talks about watching the first episode of The Last of Us with an audience, her sister’s run-in with Boris Johnson and seeing a prosthetic corpse of her mother, Thandiwe Newton, on the set of Westworld.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Leryn 1 year ago

    talented and beautiful, like her mother

  • h7opolo 1 year ago

    what’s with the short skirt? are we encouraged to fantasize about gaining access to her private parts? why would she do that?
    i guess she’s relying on sexual desperation of the audience to gain fame and attention and success. This is disgusting and should not be rewarded. Women need to aspire to become more than sex objects.

  • George Mirnich 1 year ago

    She looks EXACTLY like her mom.

  • Ned Ludd 1 year ago

    Another boring celeb interview which is just free advertising for a new flash-in-the-pan film. Without a script, these actors cannot talk.

  • Beresford Quimby 1 year ago

    Her sister’s not wrong though. Boris Johnson *is* what she said he was.

  • Carlos Santana 1 year ago

    I had no idea Thandiwe Newton is her mom.

  • tbd-5 1 year ago

    She is skin and bone. I won’t thin-shame her, but that should be acknowledged.

  • MoJaKh 1 year ago

    Jackal here – this The Last of Us adaptation will be a tv show on HBO, not a film.


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