“It Takes A Lot of Trust To Be A Human Being These Days” – P!NK on Her New Album, ‘Trustfall’

Published on February 22, 2023

GRAMMY-winning superstar P!NK talks about the intention behind the title of her new album, ‘Trustfall.” Stick around for more of Stephen’s interview with P!NK, plus a performance of a song from the new album!
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  • White Boy 9 months ago

    Don’t trust a fucking soul

  • soumo 9 months ago


  • Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired 9 months ago

    She can sing upside down pregnant, but Rhianna can’t even lip sync in time at the Football standing dead still.

  • Brandon Ayong 9 months ago

    ” I’m coming up so you better give me just a reason”

  • Wagner Joov 🌤️ 9 months ago

    .My life has changed Thank you Jesus . $ 32,000 weekly profit Our lord God have lifted up my Life !!! , Glory to the everlasting God Almighty .

  • Jessamine Price 9 months ago

    Smart woman

  • New Message 9 months ago

    Somebody really needs to tell that poor lady her i is upside down.

    I wore a t-shirt inside out for a whole day at work once, and nobody told me… I was mortified seeing it in the mirror when I got home.

  • SinisterAF 9 months ago

    We r doing an unchosen trustfall the minute we are born

  • Daniel Caceres 9 months ago

    I freaking LOVE her!

  • Piotrek Szczepanski 9 months ago

    I like Pink but her whole “trust-fall” shtick was such incredible and total BS that I couldn’t even make it through the whole video. Pink, as a fan, I must ask: How did you go from being a counter-culture icon to just another mainstream woke fool vomiting what is now mainstream woke BS in every direction? Truly it’s sad to see.
    On a similar note, Stephen, why do you humour and promote all these fake, woke people? Why are you so unquestioningly nice to them on your show instead of challenging their BS like you used to earlier in your carer?
    Between this and the way you, almost literally, licked “Prince” Harry’s taint while allowing him to spew his BS on your show a few weeks ago instead of challenging him on any one of his dozens of obvious lies, nor his disgusting, completely self-centred worldview, or his psychotic, super rich but always-a-victim wife? I mean I understand that the publishing bosses that have books to sell put a lot of pressure on you, as you said yourself about a year ago on your show, “We push a lot of paper on this show”, but why do you bow down to such pressures so easily? Do you believe in anything anymore?
    You are the great Stephen Colbert! You are incredibly intelligent and funny! You built your whole career on calling out the cultural BS of society and so your original fans expect you to challenge the obvious cultural BS of society today! Instead you bite your tongue and say nothing. No, worse, you promote it.
    You may win some new, super-woke and super-fickle fans this way… But people like me me, your original fanbase, will abandon you in droves…. and in disgust.
    Please think about this. Loyal fans like me who have been with you from the beginning are hanging on by a thread, mostly because you’re still funny, but the tread is wearing very, very thin.

  • Norm Corey 9 months ago



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