The Ongoing Battle to Remove Confederate Statues – Beyond the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on May 17, 2022

While America has made progress in removing confederate statues from public squares, many remain standing. Director of the PBS documentary The Neutral Ground, CJ Hunt, and founder of Project Say Something, Camille Goldston Bennett, join Roy Wood Jr. to discuss why these monuments were erected in the first place, how many are left, what’s being done on the ground to remove them, and where they should end up once they’re removed.

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  • Janet Hall 1 year ago

    They absolutely need to be removed.They are representative of a dark time in our history which unfortunately remnants of that are still going on.There is nothing to celebrate.Take them down!!

  • Eric A. 1 year ago

    comparing it to capital rioters is a bit much.

  • Delveckio Got Status 1 year ago

    I agree 100%

  • Bestie Bestie.... 1 year ago

    Yoo this is sick

  • DAVE Smith 1 year ago

    History is not even taught in our schools

  • DAVE Smith 1 year ago

    I still they vote for the Democrats and they started slavery and the KKK

  • Ruby SMITH 1 year ago

    That seems like monuments to treason to me.

  • AH 1 year ago

    Democrats and republicans are still on some BS, mostly republicans but as it goes if you can stand by saying nothing and doing nothing, you are choosing the side of the oppressor. America needs progressive change.

  • targetseeker 1 year ago

    seriously, what’s the difference between the confederates and benedict arnold? while people acknowledge his contributions, the best they could do to memorialize him is a boot while confederates get statues and military instillations named after them.

  • Lamplighter55 1 year ago

    Leave them in the cemeteries. That’s where they belong. To be clear, I’m not saying remove them to a cemetery. Just leave the ones that are already there. The rest, wreck them or recycle the bronze.

  • luCfer 1 year ago

    Meanwhile in mongolia: genghis khan slaughtered many people and also use the corpses infected with black death as a first bio-weapon in human history. But he made mongolia great so, *why not* ?

  • oldretireddude 1 year ago

    Another great video. I wanted however to comment on you assaulted ex-wife analogy. While offering a vivid mental image to empathetic/sympathetic people, you were preaching to the choir. Since the bulk of the statue issue revolves around white men, I would suggest that the analogy should have been a sports or hunting theme. Maybe revolve around the local team winning the “Big Game” but then have local businesses display/identify with loosing team symbols, players, and coaches in their marketing and adverisements.

  • SlimeWolf Records LLC 1 year ago

    They want to ghetto gagg black ponks an hoes at they cults an keep confederate statues an be saved by Christ


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