Don Cheadle on War Machine Movie, Bumping in to Arnold Schwarzenegger & His Sad Wikipedia Photo

Published on December 2, 2022

Don talks about celebrating his birthday, playing golf with no shoes on, his new movie White Noise directed by Noah Baumbach, playing War Machine in the Marvel movie Armor Wars, bumping into Arnold Schwarzenegger at gym in Toronto, a hamlet in Alberta, Canada called Cheadle, and we help him take a new photo for his Wikipedia page.

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  • Mark Miller 10 months ago

    Looks like it will be an awesome movie for Cheerios.

  • Paul Heydarian 10 months ago

    It’s all about money these days, isn’t it?

  • Scary Green Monster 10 months ago

    So all that meat in the fake supermarket went to waste?

  • Tom F 10 months ago

    Still waiting for a captain planet movie starring Don

  • Da Sheek 10 months ago

    An inebriated Don and Lopez crew on the greens, I would watch that.

  • oraach william 10 months ago

    That Arnold impresion…

  • thegirlonfire 10 months ago

    damm guys i just went to wiki and its still his old photo there smh

  • Gordon Wolters 10 months ago

    Darn! I was just through Cheadle and forgot about the statue!

  • titangmarilag 10 months ago

    love this a.lot

  • MacHenrix 10 months ago

    Damn. I actually checked if wikipedia change the picture

  • TheBigChokito 10 months ago

    That was a lame interview. Don is one of the few great actors left and you treated him like a parody. Show some respect, if your career turns out half as great as Don’s you aught to count yourself lucky.

  • Carlos Castaño Angulo 10 months ago

    Jimmy come on! You are better than this stupid questions!!!

  • Mike Lytou 10 months ago

    is there anyone here who actually likes the character war machine and wanted more content with him?
    Because I don’t know ANYONE who does.

  • Ganiscol 10 months ago

    I’m a bit disappointed that they did not actually upload that picture to his Wiki page – they could do that!


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