The Internet Is Crying Over Steve From “Blue’s Clues”

Published on September 9, 2021

Wipe your tears, Nick Jr. fans. Steve Burns from “Blue’s Clues” is here and he brought hugs. #Colbert #SteveBurns #BluesClues

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  • Gandalf the Grey 3 weeks ago

    Why is it that a show from so many years ago and a random in character Twitter post can produce such a collective warm welcoming.

    Also warm and fuzzy things are not really the stuff the internet is made of and I’m worried.

  • Randy Bradshaw 3 weeks ago

    Maybe Steve can help us all find a clue as to what the f__ has been going on since he’s been gone! (If that’s too much to ask I would really appreciate help with just the last 5 years)

  • Fran Osborne 3 weeks ago

    Oh the memories. Thank you Steve. Thank you Stephen. Much love from New Zealand.

  • Rox G 3 weeks ago

    I missed Steve

  • Semaj Saylor 3 weeks ago

    I’m 15 and I remember him🥺

  • Gabriel 3 weeks ago

    My HEART!

  • Music Love 3 weeks ago

    Geez, now I’m crying like a baby.

  • Kat Pima 3 weeks ago

    Anyone else just tired of the Geico gecko?

  • Ben Wasserman 3 weeks ago

    So does this mean we’re moving the Thinking Chair into the Late Night Studio? Because that would make for some hilarious segments.

  • melirose89 3 weeks ago

    Steve has still got it! Love him! I, like almost everyone else around my age, teared up at his video message. Someone should give him a podcast or something. His voice is still so soothing. And this moment with Stephen is so wholesome!

  • Katerine Quinde 3 weeks ago


  • TonyAM 3 weeks ago

    I can’t be the only one who wishes that they could get a hug from Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues.
    That, and as a kid, I wanted to be on the show.

  • Paul 3 weeks ago

    I just remember everyone saying he had died when he left the show.

  • Star Fan13 3 weeks ago

    He looks great for 40 !

  • Amaya The Otaku 3 weeks ago

    Bro it’s just not just millennials weeping early Gen Z (1997-2000) grew up with both Steve and Joe and we are definitely sobbing as much as you guys.

    Thank you Steve, Joe and Josh. Thank you for giving kids of the past and today amazing memories💙 Happy anniversary!

  • Sala Ali 3 weeks ago

    You millennials were lucky. As a gen z kid, I think I grew up with the last 2 years of Steve. Didn’t feel as much emotion as you guys.

  • Mia Park 3 weeks ago

    I cried at the message when I saw it 😢 like Steve your back

  • Caspar 3 weeks ago

    I didn’t know I needed this 😢

  • Louve Taylor 3 weeks ago

    this still makes me cry

  • Jf H 3 weeks ago

    My feelings exactly.


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