Stacey Abrams on Fighting for Georgia and Her Optimism for Voting Rights

Published on January 14, 2022

Stacey Abrams talks about running for the governorship of Georgia, her new children’s book and the fight for voting rights.

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  • Unnar Thor Thorisson 2 years ago

    So much better to have someone active and important than another movie face.

  • Nancy Quinn 2 years ago

    And the Thornbirds continue to multiply!

  • Article19 2 years ago

    why don’t we just ban polling….. what use is it anyway?

  • shedskin01 2 years ago

    Stacey Abrams is just brilliant and needs to be President of The United States of America some day!

  • Douglas Sawyer 2 years ago

    I love her books.

  • Mark A 2 years ago

    It’s bozo the clown! Bozo sure is gaining weight!!!

  • Ali Annne 2 years ago

    Brilliant, charming and multifaceted, the more I know about Stacy Abrams the more I like.

  • Charles Woods 2 years ago

    Ms.Abrams has made a big impact already.I hope I am around long enough to see her succeed for her people.

  • Mark A 2 years ago

    Now we know where all the humanitarian food aid has gone, right into bozos mouth like so many unsuspecting 20 piece mcnugget meals!

  • Ed webb 2 years ago

    Hill bot

  • Calder Wishne 2 years ago

    Always the smartest person in the room. LOVE Abrams!

  • R Lynch 2 years ago

    Looks like Seth is a prisoner of war. Fake scripted interview.

  • blank blank 2 years ago

    me (Sees Stacy Abrams)
    Also me “Hi woman who should have been the vice president instead of Kamala. I will happily vote for you again any chance I get.”
    Stacy Abrams 2022.
    Stacy Abrams 2024.
    I hope the first woman president is someone like you Stacy!

  • Andrew Barz 2 years ago

    Nobody is being prevented from voting and you should have to show an ID and show up in person. Vote harvesting should be illegal

  • Obi Wan 2 years ago

    Sinema has borderline personality disorder…what a disaster all she wants is attention ….she needs to fucking go….


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