Overtime: Chris Wallace, Katty Kay, Chris Christie | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 7, 2022

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • Gee Dubyah 1 year ago

    President Blob 2024! GooSA GooSA GooSA!

  • Bo Yang 1 year ago

    This professor from across the pond just gave the worst possible excuse for having a ceremonial head of state. There are many Repulics that do not have the same sort of insanity when it comes to electing head of state.

  • Atmos 1 year ago

    Bill youre really off concerning Biden, he’s a war monger and has made the war in the Ukraine worse by funding and supplying Zelensky…Biden never talks of peace or finding a better way out of this situation. Biden is all about putting the FEAR in us from nuclear warfare ( which Russia will not be the first to push the button) to Biden and the FEAR he put in all us with covid and pushing the vaccine… I don’t think Biden would have a chance at winning if, God forbid, he’d run again.

  • Fat AngMo 1 year ago

    bill, for the most part, your doing a good job, but occasionally you are a bit of a child

  • Nicolas 1 year ago

    Boris wasn’t out the next day Professor K

  • Pete Dog 1 year ago

    Most European democracies don’t allow perpetual campaigns and constant mooching for funding. They limit campaign durations and they cap funding. Elections are not an industry for personal gain in Europe. Greed and power rule the day in the USA.

  • Sally Absetz 1 year ago

    Wallace is not a conservative and not even an unbiased reporter, that’s why the left liked him. The left hates unbiased reporting because in the light of day, all their policies and their ideology are bad. Once you scratch the surface you see it, so they don’t like any reporter who digs into their garbage and reports honestly about the findings. That’s why they cut people off and shut people down rather than have a discussion of the topic and try to win you over with logic and reason. There is no logic & reason, only self-righteousness, closed mindedness and ad hominem attacks. I am sick of it! The truth is coming, look at what is happening at CNN, now Twitter, it’s going to be a rude awakening and I am anticipating a lot of apologies from our leftist friends once the crying and denial ends. But then everyone will have jumped ship and denied that they ever believed all the propaganda and lies in the first place. So probably very few will apologize for their uncivil behavior. Heck, they are still justifying the BLM/antifa looting, violence and arson of entire towns of innocent business owners in 2020. That was the most horrific leftist tantrum I have seen in my lifetime. Shameful! Violence against the innocent is never justified. It’s criminal! Always!

  • tedstriker2000 1 year ago

    Christie looked shocked when bill joked…..as we are, – – after the capitol being attacked by terrorist neo nazis while a man christie SUPPORTED stood by and watched

  • Bill Paci 1 year ago

    Biden can’t find his way off a stage.
    “Putin is losing” No, he isn’t. Most Americans are being propagandized, lied to.

  • Mark Bogen 1 year ago

    Uh, NO Biden has not done a good job. And how old was Kennedy??
    Come on man, really??

  • Kathleen 1 year ago

    Chris Christie is now age 60. IF he has hopes about the Senate or White House he needs to get much of that weight off his body. Also, why are two of his kids now at very pricey private colleges when NJ has excellent community colleges and Rutgers University??

  • tedstriker2000 1 year ago

    ffs christie – – – – BIDEN DIDNT INVADE UKRAINE……BIDEN DIDNT MENTION NUKES………the person who did is supported by the man YOU SUPPORTED ffs

  • Paul Dacus 1 year ago

    The fact that Christie voted for Trump TWICE tells me he is unfit for office. Once, I can understand, but TWICE shows me his judgement is ZERO and he is pro-fascism.

  • acyd5000 1 year ago

    Biden boot throating yet again

  • EasterBeast 1 year ago

    Christy……..I’ll vote for my bag of garbage 1st

  • JOHN SMITH 1 year ago



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