Monologue: Til Debt Do Us Part | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 1, 2021

Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including the debt ceiling showdown and juicy gossip from Trump’s former press secretary.

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  • E W 3 years ago

    Under trump debt limit was raised 3 times. In 4 years under trump debt rose 7 trillion.

  • Skip Fluck 3 years ago

    That liberal fantasy, at least things are so much better now under Biden. Incredible, that must have missed just this last month.

  • ws 2019 3 years ago

    We are broke and democrats want to let in millions of welfare recipients to flood our cities, schools, and hospitals, we should be sending people back from 50 years ago, not letting new uneducated 3rd world useless people in, we have enough democrats already.

  • Jeff Baer 3 years ago

    “I wish he never ordered me.” SAVAGE!!! Also, absolutely true, in my opinion … a whore, she is, bought and paid for. I have more love for the growth on my shoulder (which keeps changing color and getting larger) than that withered, leathery streetwalker EVER had for DJT — again, in my opinion. But I would defy anyone to put together a reel of clips in which Donny and $20 Handy Melania show ANY kind of meaningful affection for each other. I’ve looked. Nothing. If there IS one out there? You probably have to measure it in frames like the Zapruder film to spot where there’s any human emotion which passes between them.

  • red red 3 years ago

    3.5 trillion we dont have. Who are the ass holes? Nancy said its paid for. Anyone on either side believe it? Maybe by our grandchildren.

  • Al Ementary 3 years ago

    How hard do Democrats suck? They have the presidency, the Senate, the House, and they still can’t get their bullshit passed. Because even their own people know that everything they’re trying to pass is bullshit. But no mean tweets, huh, Bill?

  • Nik Garcia 3 years ago

    Wow a Hunter joke. Watch your mouth Bill or they will cancel culture your *$$ next . The Biden crime family is not the kinda people you want to mess with

  • Jes Larcy 3 years ago

    #OutlawBillionaires DESTROY WEALTH HOARDERS LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT BECAUSE THEY DO #PovertyIsViolence #UBINow #ClimateEmergency

  • R WM 3 years ago

    Crazy how you include bottled water in the global supply chain… arent you guys the “greatest country ever” how come you dont have potable drinking water out of the tap…. OH YEAH! you guys only care about money.

  • Andro K. 3 years ago

    They should lower the debt ceiling

  • Brandon Paul 3 years ago

    How many people does the show have to hire to cheer for Bill’s jokes? Give us a percentage, bill.

  • motodudu 3 years ago

    Smart strategy, keep Trump in the conversation to distract from the current fiascos.

  • MR intel 3 years ago

    These ‘stupid games’ can only be played because the US has a system that allows them. Only in Merica.

  • Janet Beebe 3 years ago

    The government does this all the time, then scrambles like it’s the last inning in the game and acts like it’s working “overtime “.

  • Honkytonkified 3 years ago

    It’s funny picturing the albino toad sitting on Trump’s stool.

  • chrisose 3 years ago

    Once again we see the Republican’s only care about spending and debt when there is a Democrat in the White House.

  • TS 3 years ago

    Oh please… Look back at the obstruction that Democrats did during the Trump administration. The left does that same shit. Even worse. Like burning down several major metropolitan cities to get the point across. Give me a break.


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