TikTok Propaganda | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 24, 2023
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  • David Flynn 2 months ago

    Maybe Helen Keller was lucky

  • Ricky Al 2 months ago

    To all those saying they have to prove what we all know China is doing with TikTok just look at Tianamen Square, Hong Kong, the Uyghurs, Tibet, Covid, Taiwan, just to name a few on the list that goes on and on. If you know someone is a psychopath are you going to eat the meal they cook you, let them sleep in your house, shave you, take your kids into the woods? I think the jury is in on trusting the CCP.

  • MeNoGamer 2 months ago

    god bless China.

  • Suq Madiq 2 months ago

    Tiktok is a cancer on the grundle of humanity.

  • Jim 2 months ago

    The country wouldn’t be so divided if news shows would have both sides on them so people would hear an actual debate on issues.

  • spearson103 2 months ago

    Has anyone ever told Scott Galloway about US corporate media?

  • Robert Weinmann 2 months ago

    Common business practice. How to turn $300B in slave labor into $300T in competition with my rival

  • Justin Opperman 2 months ago

    When China has a different version than ours that is intellectual and even then it has a time limit you know something is up.

  • Mįķə Håņčhø 2 months ago

    Man, Stfu. They want to ban tiktok because we are more connected than any other social media ever let us be. We now know MORE about how our government screws us and fails us. We see the racism in this country from all these people recording theor attackers, and how the cops oppress us.

  • Pogo 2 months ago

    Nobody has been fooled into disliking America. No need to convince the last few generations to dislike America. It’s in the stats. We all have more access to information now. The American dream and land of opportunity is nearly completely gone. This is a fact. Unless you are a nepo baby there is nothing left for you, the “haves” took it all already from the “have-nots”.

  • Mick E. Ficks 2 months ago

    I guess criticizing bad things about America is verboten now, comrades. Bill and his moronic guests don’t like it.

  • MaskedMarvyl 2 months ago

    I love how Maher continues his habit of talking over the points his guests are trying to make, with whatever fascinates him.

  • G L 2 months ago

    Scott kinda looks like Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson wearing glasses.

  • Brooks .Anderson 2 months ago

    The most impressive thing about Bill is his determination to avoid the elephant in the room.

  • Shubham Sagar Singh 2 months ago

    China banned American social media platforms, so why not return the favour?

  • Lukas FcG 2 months ago

    If tiktok is not allowed to continue in the US, the EU should ban facebook and twitter.

    These companies work willingly with US agencies and give up private data plus they are proven to be bad for democracies all around the world


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