Colin Farrell on New Batman Movie, COVID Closing the World Down & Shooting in the Arctic

Published on July 8, 2021

Colin talks to guest host Wanda Sykes about his new show “The North Water” on AMC+, shooting in the Arctic near the North Pole, jumping in the freezing cold water, filming Batman in London, the world closing down because of COVID, homelessness in Los Angeles & going home to Ireland.


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  • Ace Degenerate 3 years ago

    I hope when Jimmy comes back in fall, they bring back the old look of the studio. This is so dark, feels like watching Man of Steel, and I love Man of Steel.

  • Gertrude Laronge 3 years ago

    Such a good interview.

  • Ganiscol 3 years ago

    I get why he, even as (or because of being) a European, is so churned up inside over the insane high number of homeless people in the US. It falls in the same category as the healthcare insurance issues, the wage gap, the educational opportunity inequalities and many more issues the self proclaimed richest and greatest country on earth doesnt want to tackle. And that is a shameful thing which can easily bring tears to your eyes when you know for a fact that it could be better if everybody was on the same page about it.

    Wanda kinda missed the opportunity to drill down on it, guess she was surprised by it and just wanted to get on with the script for the interview…

  • Roland Kloka 3 years ago

    This is an instant classic

  • Teacher Bisdak 3 years ago

    When I was young, I mistook him as Brad Pitt!

  • bkboy2384 1 3 years ago

    Confusing…no just california lol

  • Robean 3 years ago

    i adore him

  • Keltic Fury 3 years ago

    I have always enjoyed Colin Farrell’s work, but when he teared up about the mass homeless is what made me admire him as a human being. It is very refreshing to find out someone you like is a good person. There has been so much of the opposite lately.

  • Tarik Rath 3 years ago

    No news on the batman wow

  • mmarieden 3 years ago

    One of my favorite actors. Love you both.

  • Pumpkin Space 3 years ago

    I have been waiting for this! Lets Go Mr. Cobblepot Sir!

  • Vood jin 3 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel looks pretty good sunned these days…

  • Wilfred Berqvist 3 years ago

    Lol this is pretty clickbait ngl, it implies they have a whole conversation about The Batman that take up the jidst of the segment, but he only quickly mentions it to provide context in a covid segment lol.

  • AHK786PK 3 years ago

    He’s a big softie

  • Susana Oliveira - Botha 3 years ago

    I was in Antarctica, no other place can compare. So much solitude.

  • Michael Holmgaard 3 years ago

    One of my favorite actors since day one. And he is a no bullshit guy too. Nothing fake Hollywood about his personality, and that’s great!

  • phatty416 3 years ago

    Dude is a sweetheart and I’m here for it. Also if you haven’t seen “In Bruges” definitely check it out!

  • G. Smith 3 years ago

    “Colin Farrell on New Batman Movie” is a bit of a stretch here, huh?


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