Michael Pollan: Psilocybin And MDMA Will Be Legal Therapeutic Drugs Within Five Years

Published on July 21, 2022

Author Michael Pollan returns to The Late Show with an update on how attitudes towards psychedelic drugs are shifting in America, along with the legal framework around their use in therapeutic settings. Check out Michael’s latest book, “This Is Your Mind on Plants,” and his show, “How To Change Your Mind,” streaming now on Netflix. #Colbert #HowToChangeYourMind #MichaelPollan

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  • gimmedimmy 8 months ago

    They’ll be conventional treatment in a couple of decades. I work in a field where I help people source Ket, Psilocybin and other drugs and they’re far and away more effective than anything currently available for a host of mental illnesses and disorders. I’ve seen people go from dysfunctional messes to complete turnarounds. I personally have had depression and anxiety that crippled me for most of my life, totally mitigated and with other benefits across the board.

  • katherine wong 8 months ago

    This is our modern day Terrence. Michael is the Best Modern Mind alive Period!

  • Richard Waddington 8 months ago

    I saw Pink Floyd, the Amimals tour, June 28th & 29th 1977, both nights they played in Philadelphia at the spectrum.
    The first night…
    I tripped my ass off on some spectacular LSD.
    The second night…
    I remember.

    They were both SPECTACULAR, for totally different reasons. You weren’t there but I saw you anyway.

  • Chris Andersen 8 months ago

    Very twitchy.

  • Sneezewort Yarrow 8 months ago

    The harm to one’s liver from alcohol outweighs its potential benefits, so drink sparingly.

  • bob roberts 8 months ago

    I’d love to hear what Michael Pollan thinks of ketamine and how it’ll change the world in mental health and wellbeing, you need to wite a chapter on it.

  • Kristi Ford 8 months ago

    So the increase in all the psychological and psychiatric illnesses is because we’re not doing drugs the way God and Mother Nature intended?
    Got it 👍

  • Ian Ham 8 months ago

    Shout out to all the dispensiarys in Oakland! ZDoor love you guys!

  • Mike Harrison 8 months ago

    He’d get along well with David Nutt. He was the UK government’s drug advisor, and was sacked for telling the truth.

  • John Smith 8 months ago

    drugs are good, its time to wake up and stop the lies from christianity

  • Garry Ferrington 8 months ago

    Who’s Michael Polack?

  • ABC 123 8 months ago

    Humans have been using consciousness-altering substances for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. Governments got their panties in a knot in the 60’s when they saw how powerful psychedelics could be in freeing the mind, because a free mind is a dangerous thing to authority.

  • Zed 8 months ago

    From Joe Rogan Experience to…

  • soth1 sol 8 months ago

    trip on mushrooms, people. reset your hard drive. meet god.

  • Mary Woll 8 months ago

    You only need to know one thing to do acid or shrooms. It will wear off.

  • Kristi Ford 8 months ago

    Does Mick’s book include anything about ‘stagger grass’ ?

  • Kristi Ford 8 months ago

    Funnily enough, trippy mushrooms grow quite abundantly in my area, only most people don’t know what they are 🤣

  • sanjuansteve 8 months ago

    The added temporary interneuronal synapse connections thanks to cannabis and especially the psychedelics are literal wiring upgrades to our brains that can be made permanent through normal neuroplasticity learning. These new connections give parts of our brains new access to both our current sensory perceptions, heightening them and making us more appreciative of everything we experience, while also giving parts of our brains new access to memories making even our memories heightened with literally new mental perspectives on them (explaining ‘flashbacks’). It’s like a physical empathy, giving our brains the ability to have new and more diverse perspectives on everything, past and present.

    These substances widely have the reputation as creativity-enhancers but I think actually they’re empathy-enhancers creating new perspectives, giving artists greater ability to imagine how a wider audience will perceive their work while it’s in progress, making it more creative as a result.

    Legalize, release, expunge and give industry advantages to the minorities most harmed.

  • Tom George 8 months ago

    Probably the worst illness affecting the world is mental illness. Surely mind altering substances IN COORDINATION with properly researched psychotherapy IS a solution to mental illness

  • claudia xander 8 months ago



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