Magic Johnson on 30 Years of Marriage, NOT Vacationing with Jimmy Kimmel & Getting Vaccinated

Published on September 15, 2021

Magic talks about celebrating 30 years of marriage with his wife Cookie, where they went on their first date and honeymoon, Jimmy’s relentless attempts to get invited on Magic’s extravagant yacht vacations with Samuel L. Jackson, Jimmy photoshopping himself into their photos, his relationship with Dr. Fauci and the importance of getting vaccinated, LeBron celebrating his 8th wedding anniversary, and going to a Mike Tyson fight with Charles Barkley.


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  • Mathew .Mutsach 1 year ago

    hmmmmmm……A new “beef” brewing with Magic , like the Matt Damon one?

  • Rizky Arifin 1 year ago

    Magic Johnson’s Laugh Is Killed me

  • Edric Aldones 1 year ago

    Those must have been some “superior jeans”.

  • Rudi Johnson 1 year ago

    Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson I really hope they come back on the show maybe in the last year of Jimmy Kimmel before he retires to ask him on an Italy yacht vacation 😁

  • CanadianF1fan Ryan 1 year ago

    Are we all gonna gloss over the fact that he was like 30 when he met her 🙋‍♂️🤷‍♂️ so was she lol but they met in college

  • Monica Brandt 1 year ago

    Magic’s Laugh is everything…. reminds me of when a baby smiles or laughs you forget everything and smile. It’s contagious and genuine.

  • Travis Jordan 1 year ago

    I’m amazed! They put the ad in the right spot instead of in the middle of a sentence.

    Edit: the second ad was in the middle of a sentence. SMH

  • Rielly Monaghan 1 year ago

    Tied with Bill Russell for best laugh

  • My Retail 1 year ago

    I attended Jr High with Earvin in Lansing.. His smile back then could light up a room – and it still does.

  • Sharon Howard 1 year ago

    It’s so good to see Magic looking good and healthy and loving his wife and family. Much respect!!!

  • Brodzzzzz 1 year ago

    This dudes laugh is so good LOL

  • Michael T 1 year ago

    30 years of marriage? Gimme a break.

  • Teddy Cummings 1 year ago

    The distance is less about COVID in Magic’s case

  • Leo Lambo 1 year ago

    I wish Magic Johnson and O’Neal were my best friends!
    These two guys seems to be such great people, and really fun to hangout with! God bless’em

  • Renee Thornton 1 year ago

    Magic has really kept himself in good physical shape. And his smile is still the best ever. Love you Magic. I still miss you on the floor passing the ball behind your back as though you have eyes behind your head. It is love because he tells the same story using the same words about when he saw Cookie in some jeans.

  • Longtime Enuake 1 year ago

    Not gonna lie, Johnson needs his own show or podcast. His energy is a vibe.

  • Renee Russell 1 year ago


  • Gavin 1 year ago

    what a fantastic interview and an amazing man, didn’t stop smiling the whole time.

  • Nissan Skyline 1 year ago

    Magic’s laugh is so contagious.


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