Asking Trump Supporters About Space Force | The Daily Show



  • Peggy Dale 2 years ago

    When we say “9/11” we should imagine all the 9/11s we imposed on other countries like Yemen

  • Noel Taylor 2 years ago


  • Chin Chin 2 years ago

    Speechless!! Why would you play Mozart to a cow!?

  • SKYKOP 2 years ago

    Oh yea. You can count on a known proven pathological liar to tell the Trump GOP cultist’s the truth. Sure! And of course the cultist’s will believe anything “Big Orange” tells’em. Space Force. Geez how embarressing.

  • GildedBear 2 years ago

    Space Force: the military branch that sounds way cooler than it is. It’s just the space wings of the Airforce that have been split off into an independent branch. Kind of like how the Airforce was the Army’s air units that got split off into their own branch.

    Space Force: it’s a bunch of people sitting at computer screens.

    *facepalm* smh *sigh* they just fill the gaps in their knowledge with whatever they can imagine don’t they?

  • The Thanks 2 years ago

    NASA tells us what they want us to know and trump will tell us the truth, how delusional are these uneducated cultist.

  • Bear 2 years ago

    There is entirely too much lead in their water.

  • George Layton 2 years ago

    Space Cadets.

  • Masquarra 2 years ago

    There is the trump MAGA fascist hate flag party, Republican Party, The Democratic Party

  • Deciding Different 2 years ago

    that bit about “only trump will tell the truth…”
    how did that happen? what switch was flipped in people’s heads to convince them of that?
    that piece seems kinda important to know…

  • Larzy Bernard 2 years ago

    Trump rally is sure the magnet for dummies.

  • Joseph Bridges 2 years ago

    It’s bad when the guy that’s like, “it will be a waste but it will be fun” is the most intelligent person they could find

  • MrHasie 2 years ago

    The last guy, he just wants to be along for the shenanigans.

  • While Black in Vegas 2 years ago

    That was really really really sad to watch. #Maga

  • swooosh bluewave 2 years ago

    We need space force to gaurd against countries like China and hypersonic missles that we apparently have no defense against currently


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