Gutfeld: Who is this clown?

Published on September 21, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on the reported suspension of Ukraine’s transgender American spokesperson Sarah Ashton-Cirillo.
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  • Blueskytoday 3 months ago

    Too bad this show is so popular with Trump’s people…all one sided slanted ……

  • DonRepCon 3 months ago

    This spokesperson thing reminds me of an SNL skit. A recent skit, obviously. Now that SNL became unfunny.

  • Necromancer “Necromancer” 3 months ago

    So now we know equivocally that these trans people are nut jobs and have infeltrated the White House some how. We need to stop this nonsense NOW!

  • john cadogan 3 months ago

    Sarah Ashton-Cirillo is menally unstable people like this are a threat to the U.S. one minute their a man next a woman,what next one minute an American next a Russian.

  • Fred Bunce 3 months ago

    Ukraine is doomed. Time to end this life and money suckiñg charade.

  • MrRETEROROB 3 months ago

    Return To Gender…….hilarious ! keep these great song parodies coming.

  • smokinhalf 3 months ago

    I am confused

  • Uk Medical 420 3 months ago

    Does crocodile Dundee’s curtains match the butchers bin

  • Thomas Roberts 3 months ago

    I am truly living in a ridiculous nightmare.

  • Hilda Armanious 3 months ago


  • UFC 3 months ago

    You wouldn’t like what slaps you in the face 😂

  • couseigotthis 3 months ago

    Sia wants her wig back.

  • Raw Olympia 3 months ago

    dang thought your wiggy olive drab one was one of those skits maybe it is?

  • Brian T 3 months ago

    Tyrus is always good, but he really outdid himself on this one. “You left the field … to do THIS?”

  • Kim McKersie 3 months ago

    Um. But. . .but. . .tranz were all trying to LEAVE Ukraine when the conflict began: seems that chix with dix were STILL getting drafted into military service, there. Hmmmm

  • Tongue Petals 3 months ago

    This thing is a clown.

  • Rob Gore 3 months ago

    Tyrus hit it right on the head!!! As always!! Preach it brother!! And the lady in the blue dress, u looked AMAZING! Very stunning and would love to take u out! Although Im still in love with Emily Compano

  • Stephanie Martinez 3 months ago

    Whackadoodle time!

  • kbab3333 3 months ago

    Yeah … it was about a pipeline … the dumbest take so far.

  • Steven Jones 3 months ago

    This man woman is truly scary.


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