Perino: San Franciscans say no taxation until you fix the homeless situation

Published on August 31, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ guests discuss several business owners in one San Francisco neighborhood threatening to stop paying taxes if the city doesn’t do something about its homelessness problem. #foxnews #gutfeld

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  • charles wilkins 1 year ago

    2022 over hundred thousand retail stores closing and all those people that were paying taxes, will now be out of work, how many jobs lost who knows, this has become a trend since biden has been in office, government solution, hire eighty seven thousand, IRS agents what a great president. See what corruption brings in…

  • Luciano Mezzetta 1 year ago

    San Francisco is one of the world’s great cities. Period. Suck it up Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, and other 400 US hell holes full of illiterate virtue signaling boors.

  • tripleustudios 1 year ago


  • Thomas Furlong 1 year ago

    Ramp up crime run every one of buy up land Urban renewal

  • Marta Tavera 1 year ago

    Tratamiento compromiso
    Medique no lo tengo

  • Dreamwell 1 year ago

    Wait, haven’t those business owners heard Trump’s wisdom – only stupid people pay taxes.

  • Day that Fallows 1 year ago

    sooo it is good to be homeless in USA, you will get everything for free eventually…NP

  • Ryan M 1 year ago

    San Fran is such a dumpster fire! But the best part is they voted for the clowns running their city! Self-inflicted wounds kids…….

  • John tatum 1 year ago

    I’m a conservative, but I would love to see LA and San Fransicko do sth to help the homeless. Build them homes and give them food and check their health.

  • tinka 1 year ago

    California legislators think they are going to take over “empty hotel rooms” to house homeless after 2pm – they want hotels to report empty room – so now the california government is going to TAKEOVER your privately owned hotel business – ??? I dont know too many people who will travel to california to stay in hotels with homeless – nope

  • Karl Hauck 1 year ago

    Since everyone is so unhappy with libby government, Im wondering if there is some level of taxpayer rebellion going on right now and the idiots in charge dont want us to find out.
    Hence the 80k IRS agents that idiot biden wants to hire.

  • Aminlv 1 year ago

    Election has consequences they keep voting corrupt people and expect different results! HOW STUPID IS THAT!

  • bobbyfluffynoodle 1 year ago

    You gotta se San Diego !

  • Pistol Pete 61 1 year ago

    The problem is you have Dems who will just stick with the party line and continue to vote Democratic. They call them sheep, they don’t do any research at all. SF has been Democratically run for decades and NOTHING gets better. Drug dealing runs rampant and Pelosi does nothing unless her staff sees the drug dealing in Civic Center Plaza, then it’s priority #1. How do I know this? Her office used to be on the same floor in the Federal building I worked with SFPD Task Force Officers,.

  • James Pastore 1 year ago

    Why would San Franciscans need to worry about the homeless problems. They’re in a Santuary City in a Santuary State! Homeless people are supposed to be welcomed. All you liberals are hypocrites! When you claim to be a Santuary City, or a Santuary State, you are welcoming homeless from all the other non-Santuary Cities/States. Duh! Also, blame your stupid governor!

  • Reality Check 1 year ago

    Tea anyone?

  • Wildlife Warrior 1 year ago

    Why does California care now this is what they voted for


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