Texts Reveal Donald Jr & Fox News Hosts Begging Trump to Stop Insurrection Insanity

Published on December 14, 2021

Rain poured down on Los Angeles today, Flavor Flav’s car got hit by a boulder on his way to LA from Vegas, Jimmy attended the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere, Liz Cheney of Wyoming has shared a series of frantic texts from notable insiders to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the January 6th insurrection including Donald Trump Jr and multiple Fox News hosts, cases of COVID are up across the country and especially bad in Florida, Toy R Us is looking to return from the dead and we get a visit Geoffrey the Giraffe, and since Christmas is only 10 days away we found the perfect gift for the conspiracy theorist in your life courtesy of Mike Lindell (James Adomian).


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  • Kenneth Dugan 2 years ago

    Is it just me or does Geoffrey the Giraffe sound like the Mike Lindell impersonator?

  • brianrosemusician 2 years ago

    Is Geoffrey the Mike Lindell guy? Lol.

  • John Joanisse 2 years ago

    Fox tv news any of those so called journalists that describes Jan 6 as a mild affair you have to wonder they are reality show host’s and nothing more,

  • Julie Trier 2 years ago

    Yikes for the last 10 sec.

  • Sunset Palms 2 years ago

    Remember: trump will never spend a day in prison because America has a two-tiered Justice System

  • moorebounce 2 years ago

    The difference between peaceful protests and the Jan. 6th riot is one was asking for equal rights the other was trying to illegally install a government that was legally voted out. It was treason against the U.S. and all of them should be doing federal time including Trump

  • Chanting In The Dark 2 years ago

    Fox need holding accountable. Absolute criminal organization.

  • bob smith 2 years ago

    Toys R Us is still around in Canada, it never went bankrupt up here

  • sealyoness 2 years ago

    The boulder comment reminded me of a time when I was going to work and a TIRE FLEW OUT OF NOWHERE. It hit the van ahead of me on the frame. If that lady had been going just a little faster, it might have gone through the driver-side window. Had she been going just a little slower, it would have gone through her windshield. Where it hit, it bounced off the strut, then bounced off the roof of the van, and into the DITCH. She pulled over. I had to do a couple U-turns so I could get out of the path of the 30 or so cars behind us – WHO DIDN’T STOP – so I could find out if she’d had heart failure or needed clean pants.

  • Derek's Ho corner 2013 2 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel text Donald Jr. Fox News trump Biden awesomeness job

  • Ene Obande 2 years ago

    Is that Mike Lindell under the giraffe

  • Julie Hoffman 2 years ago

    Liz Chaney is the only Republican I have confidence in.

  • Cynthia Cameron 2 years ago

    Laura I is A TransGender???

  • Doctor Williams 2 years ago

    In the next several months, there will be more disturbing “elects” in our media and political infrastructure who will defy and disavow responsibility to maintain control over truth.

  • posthocprior 2 years ago

    Mark Meadows is a pious Christian. These are the people we need to be filling Gitmo with.

  • Zamz Clubz 2 years ago

    Lindoll my sides hurt!

  • Jeff Zabelski 2 years ago

    Meet me at the dumpster if ya wanna buy weed!


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