Greg Gutfeld reacts to the wokeness of Walmart

Published on October 19, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel weighs in on Walmart’s attempt to deflect criticism after embracing CRT. #FoxNews #Gutfeld #FoxNewsVoices

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  • Alice Lloyd 2 years ago

    In Ohio Walmart employees all get food stamps, because they can’t have hours. It’s the only company in Ohio that, all it’s floor / store employees have that problem. 12- 16 hours a week only. That’s why I don’t shop there, and their cheap product.

  • Nomad Nana 2 years ago


  • bluesbondsman 2 years ago

    I go to Walmart two or three times a year and only if absolutely necessary.
    Their dad would be so ashamed if he knew what his business was up to today.
    Sam was a good American

  • Cherokee Girl 2 years ago

    Walmart warning: I bought a portable DVD player. About 3-4 days later I ended up having surgery. Released from the hospital and told to rest , no work for 6 weeks. 2nd day home, my player just quit! My neighbor takes me to return it. I was told they only guarantee their electronics for 18 days! I had a turtleshell brace on. I raised cane. Said I’d only used it 2 days. Said I was a Vet and had been in the hospital. They gave me another one and I haven’t been back. That was 3 yrs ago.

  • Jace Hawkins 2 years ago

    Way to bring your work team together.

  • phantasyryder 2 years ago

    Cheney: Family Guy cameo!

  • Golddiamonds7 2 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything that is said about Walmart. I am a former Walmart associate Hiwasse not fired I left to take care of my mother who was dying. I do not shop at Walmart unless I absolutely have to I go to Dollar General and local grocery stores.

  • Elizabeth Argueta 2 years ago

    I hate walmart

  • Elizabeth Argueta 2 years ago

    Brainwash on a national level maybe even international level

  • Elizabeth Argueta 2 years ago

    We shouldnt even shop at walmart we should be supporting small local businesses

  • Randy Crabtree 2 years ago

    Walmart sucks like our vp but she swallows .

  • thomas aquinas 2 years ago

    A lot of major companies were ‘contacted’ and compelled to give $$$ to various questionable charities to keep some groups from acting against them. This harkens back to the Saul Alinsky school, and before. Wal-mart might be under siege by those groups, as are many other companies, but thank goodness they still respect the law. There are innumerable arrests at Wal-Marts each day for shoplifting.

  • Mary Hirsch 2 years ago

    Guess I’m going to have to stop shopping at Walmart

  • Jimmy crack Corn i dont care 2 years ago


  • InnoGrow 2 years ago

    CRT is basically racism at a different angle.
    This is ridiculous

  • Sonja Marx 2 years ago

    “Accept guilt and shame”? What should they be ashamed of? What guilt have they charged themselves with? I don’t quite understand what Walmart is talking about. When has Walmart become so racist?

  • leila nofsker 2 years ago

    I hate Walmart because they donated 100 million to BLM. Now they are following Leftest & The woke

  • 𝕾𝖙𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖓☠ 2 years ago

    *CANCEL CRT* !!

  • steve d 1 year ago

    Those that focus on racism end up p being the racists.


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