Guest Host David Spade Breaks Down The Bachelorette Finale

Published on August 9, 2021

Our pal David Spade steps in to guest host our show and talks about OJ Simpson staying out of LA, hosting “Bachelor in Paradise,” the finale of Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette,” and to help those who don’t watch the show, he recaps the entire season in a new segment called The Bachelorette Minute.

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  • it's Ro Diggity Yo 2 years ago

    Hes awful

  • 1stamendmentt 2 years ago

    What happened to his own show?

  • Natalie Hickman 2 years ago

    he is my hall pass

  • Tyler Brackman 2 years ago

    Spader should replace Conan. He would get cancelled by Twitterites for being too funny but still.

  • Hollins23 2 years ago

    0:13 He’s looking a bit like Pierce Brosnan there.

  • armancz 2 years ago

    David is smart as a whip, as per usual, the only JKL guest host worth watching.

  • Loui E #21 2 years ago

    Spade for Bachelor/Bachelorette host

  • Bite Th3 Hand 2 years ago

    David spade is slowly becoming vincent price.

  • Matt Couzens 2 years ago

    I came to see if Jimmy was back. Almost all of his guest hosts were great. Kroll sucked. Then I saw Spade and I missed Kroll. Jimmy, WTAF man?

  • Bill Telnes 2 years ago

    I could have done without the bachelorette update… As shallow as this has gotten, it’s suprising that they even pretend to get interested… That show is a joke…


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