Dr. Cornel West: Neofascist vs. Milquetoast | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 10, 2022

Dr. Cornel West returns to Real Time to discuss the choices facing American voters and why he views President Joe Biden as a “milquetoast neoliberal.”

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  • Dan Taylor 1 year ago

    I love to hate you Bill. But by definition you are a racist

  • Marc Rose 1 year ago

    I just heard the best description of American politics from Dr West. He nailed it. It doesn’t matter who or what party is in office. Its the same result, and there focus today is to divide us with all there rhetoric so we dont see thru the smoke and mirrors. This country may survive for a long time but the quality of life is going to suffer. Its not a Dem or GOP problem as both sides point the finger at each other. Its the politicians as a whole creating all of it. I have run a small business for 20 years and often look at what Washington does thru those set of eyes and am always stunned how the majority of their decisions would tank any solid business. How can they govern and disregard all common sense? I do believe it is greed and corruption. Our founding fathers had the noblest of ideas and there is no way they could have foreseen all the complex issues we would experience as a country as we aged. The Corporate takeover of Washington and how the politicians that rise to the top are bought and paid for. The question is how do we make real change? I hope for my children’s sake that somehow we as a people can come together and fight for this country that we all love.

  • Jacqueline Leitch 1 year ago

    You could have chosen socialist Bernie but deep inside all Americans apparently are masochistic. Thus spend their cash on stupid vain crap.

  • George Leddy 1 year ago

    Sorry Bill, Cornel gets it and you admit to finding politician’s hypocrisy to be acceptable.

  • Furry Bear 1 year ago

    Of DR West thinks Biden is as bad as Trump let’s vote Trump and give him the proud boys in his face. He does have a point but there is always a greater of 2 evils and he should damn well appreciate that Instead of getting up on his religious (all religion is bs btw) horse and putting Biden down like he was as bad as Trump!! Wake up Doc and be thankful for small mercies before you get the White supremacists revitalised by Trump in the Whitehouse again!

  • Ninos D 1 year ago

    Let ppl speak Bill please.

  • TaDa TaDa 1 year ago

    This Guy is being UNREALISTIC…

  • Nick The Remedy 1 year ago

    This dude is too weird

  • jotighe 1 year ago

    Interesting perspective. An informed opinion presented in a clear, unoffensive manner. As persuasive as the truth should be. It is odd, I noticed a little hesitation in giving credit where credit is due. It appeared Biden is being singled out for being part of what literally everyone else is. And only because it is a requirement of politics. If you have someone not connected, they will be ineffective. I agree with every point except for the reluctance to recognize accomplishment and advancement. Of course we are not done yet, but everyday is better than the day before. I was a little embarrassed I was not aware of the length of the list of actions taken by this administration, an acheivement for any president, adminstration, or person in general. Dr. West only tolerated the recognition, he did not support it. And the milquetoast reference is an inapproprite use of the word, implying Biden is ‘still on the tit’ and beholden to Wall Street. Let’s not fabricate stuff that just isn’t there. West is as much a milquetoast as anybody else, unless you consider a net worth of a half million as good as broke.

  • Tim Devereux 1 year ago

    Would love to see a West vs Peter Schiff rematch.

  • Ramas Lambert 1 year ago

    The truth hurts that we will never have a President that won’t sell us out or be a millionaire or billionaire. The one that sells us out is bought by billionaires and the one becomes President will be a billionaire. Right now we are heading into a one world government and this guy is talking about helping other countries like we always have. We send money to a bunch of countries and where does it go? Remember when those funds got sent to islands under Trump? Where did that money go? Later they found out they had it all along. It was being held so the people would have to pay more due the hurricane. Maybe they held it because they wanted to make money off of those that could afford it or they held it because they thought they were getting more? Either way you can’t trust Politician’s. The reason why they elected Trump was because of the idea he was a business man and not a political leader. Still though all power corrupts in a way. Even Jesus said I won’t always be with you but the poor will always will. When everybody’s hand is out whose hand is in there first and at the last? Not the poor. Even if it makes it to them it is crumbs. Now this Neo Nazi b.s. this guy is spewing is absolutely stupid. You can’t label someone simply by his color or what the media says. I could judge him by trying to talk like a white man. Isn’t that racist? Just let me try to talk like a brother though and I’m a White Supremacist. Now I now it was a joke but even one word spoken out of context can be held against you in politics. JFK was said to be close to the mafia and also said after he got elected he turned his back on them but did Lee Harvey Oswald kill him? Idk but politics are not for the poor man and even if you try you will get brained.

  • Mark 1 year ago

    Eloquently said by Dr West.. Bill had nothing but dribble.
    I’m disliking Bill more and more now days.

  • shannon washburn 1 year ago

    He’s mellowed, a little. Ive always thought he was great. I agree with him more today, than I ever have before. Good O’l, Dr. Cornell West.

  • renren225 1 year ago

    We need to get out of voting for these 2 parties. They vote the same on most bills. Everything else is theater to trick us the people.

  • Three Thinkers Podcast 1 year ago

    Maher’s defense of Biden was so boring and weak.

  • Ima Marine 1 year ago



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