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Published on April 29, 2022

Ted Cruz says Disney is going to have “Mickey and Pluto going at it” in every show now. Sounds crazy, but some of Disney’s upcoming releases do seem a little sexualized…

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  • Ubercoo 1 year ago

    Disney has been grooming generations of kids for decades. How sexy was Jasmine or Areal, who were 15 or 16 at the time, or the Lion Kings girl lion who has thee most seductive fuck me eyes in Disney history. Then there is the constant broken father or family relationships to exploit. Oh, they love grooming people telling girls what love should look like, how kids should be treated, how to believe in god, not the Christian God but their mouse god. “Mickey bless you”. Let’s not talk about the behind the scenes stories they keep under raps through media manipulation. The Disney Corp. is one of the wort ideas ever to be thought up my human kind. All of it glossed over by sugar coating, bright colors, cheerful songs and heart emotional manipulation. They are up there with MCD’s, and the Dutch East India trading company.

  • drinny26 1 year ago

    I hope Disney goes bankrupt next.

  • DC S 1 year ago

    I don’t know who were the guys saying “ooohhh” in the audience, but I hope you never come back.

  • brian ingell 1 year ago

    apparently ron never saw one looney toons cartoon in his whole life…..

  • Mr. C. 1 year ago


  • Hugh Jass 1 year ago

    Democrats are Groomers

  • RC Dune 1 year ago

    My problem with this whole thing is when they push this bullshit over actual good storytelling…. just look what happened to Star Wars….

  • Beck V 1 year ago

    Did Cruz come up with the titles? He probably can’t wait til they’re out. I think he pre-ordered tickets.

  • Nik Garcia 1 year ago

    Democrats are finally catching up to what Republicans have been saying for a year, it’s about time Bill. Now if you have a Conservative on we can all sing kumbaya together & live happily ever after

  • Shane Erasmus 1 year ago

    Understand Ron’s point of view BTW not funny unless you have a low intellect children shouldn’t be exposed to this, Adults should know better unless they to are child like themselves ?

  • warfumble 1 year ago

    Funny but Desantis is right.

  • Poverty Guru 1 year ago

    I once appeared in WW2 porn spoof.
    Shaving Ryan’s Privates.

  • Peace 99 1 year ago

    DISNEY may have stopped paying protection money


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