CP Time: Trailblazing Black Gymnasts | The Daily Show

Published on July 28, 2021

Simone Biles is only the latest in a long history of Black gymnasts making you feel bad for not being able to touch your toes. Roy Wood Jr. examines great Black gymnasts of the past. #DailyShow #RoyWoodJr #CPTime



  • Extreme Lube 2 years ago

    Tucker Carlson’s athletic performance consists of how to properly heat a TV dinner and tie a bow tie.

  • Danny V 2 years ago

    For the culture!

  • Sum Dee Rum Lee 2 years ago

    C.P Times is one of my favorite sketches.

  • Sean Bailey 2 years ago

    With the different broods of cicadas you can eat them again much sooner than 17 years. There’ll be 2 broods in 2024 and a brood in NY in 2025. Also some broods have 13 year cycles.

  • Edward Blair 2 years ago

    What? You didn’t have a relative who was a “famous” gymnast or athlete? This must be a first time ever for this show. I always love to hear about the exploits of your extended family.

  • Blue Greenglue 2 years ago

    Two CP Times in one week? We don’t deserve it, but we love it!

  • ogechi Abraham 2 years ago

    Why does it have to be black gymnasts though… Why not by merit instead of skin color? Don’t you think this marginalization is part of the racial problems?

  • Chase Lim 2 years ago

    I miss CP Time with Roy Wood Jr and his moustache and accent!!!!

  • Mojo 2 years ago

    Thank you Roy Wood Jr.!! I love the CP Time series. It’s awesome.

  • Janelle 2 years ago

    Enjoy your land shrimp.

  • Desiree Espinosa 2 years ago

    I have watched all of these and I think the tamagotchi joke was the first joke I laughed out loud at

  • bubblesezblonde 2 years ago

    Great topic and show!


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