Marjorie Taylor Greene & Tucker Carlson for Russia, Santos Pushes AR-15 as “National Gun” & LA Snow

Published on February 24, 2023

There is a blizzard warning in effect for LA County this weekend, today marks the one year anniversary of Vladmir Putin’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine, Brad Paisley recorded a pretty great song with President Zelensky, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tucker Carlson seem to be on team Russia, George Santos is the co-sponsor of a bill that would make the AR-15 assault rifle the “National Gun of the United States,” Tik Tokkers are now running through walls like the Kool-Aid Man, there are apparently some new Lord of the Rings movies in the works and fans aren’t pleased so our resident D&D expert/announcer Lou weighs in, and Yehya gives his review of Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise.

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  • Art Greig 12 months ago

    The Yehya movie review is almost surreal.

  • G Smith 12 months ago

    If brains were trains Marjorie Taylor Greene would be at the bus station. 🙂 🙂

  • KIT 12 months ago


  • asteverino 12 months ago

    The only thing I like about the new Top Gun movie is Yehya’s review.

  • G 12 months ago

    So if the Nazis had The Gazpacho, do the Russians have The KBB? (To check car values)

  • Nugboy 420 12 months ago

    Wait I thought we got another crazy storm ish thing going on? I thought that was a few days ago how is cali just now getting the memo

  • Bman1878 12 months ago

    Some aspects of the lord of the rings movies were good, but some of it was pretty terrible. It wasn’t dark enough, some of the actor choices were poor and the ending with the green dead army or whatever was rushed with bad cgi. I think it _could_ be made a whole lot better, but I really doubt that it _would_ be. It would probably be worse, and just full of terrible marvel/avatar-like cgi that’s like watching a screensaver or video game. So, I don’t mind it in theory, but doubt it would be made well

  • @m_D1 12 months ago

    You know is the end when hell, sorry when Hollywood freezes over..

  • Jim led50jl 12 months ago

    Marjorie Greene thinks Tucker Carlson always tells the truth ? I’m thinking, is she being sarcastic, or is she really that clueless ? Tucker Carlson is thinking, is she being sarcastic or is she really that clueless ? … & Marjorie Greene is thinking ” Goo goo gaa gaa glubbily glub goo goo “

  • G Money 12 months ago

    So Greene and Tucker are literally traitors, still in power, still attempting to overthrow the government – and we use one liners on late night to address it. I hate to say it folks – but when your great grandchildren are bored to tears listening to how the United States became a Christo Fascist state in history class, they will wonder what their great grandparents did to stop it. We watched Jimmy kids, before freedom became a meme.

  • Dave Audy 12 months ago

    Maybe MTG and Tucker should both move to Russia since they love Putin and Communism so much and hate America!

  • Joseph Wheeler 12 months ago

    Tucker is staring as if MTG is about to bring him to orgasm. Finally, he breaks into a smile. What are those two up to?

  • Barbara Roberts 12 months ago

    I am SO SICK of tucker’s stupid eyebrow squints!

  • johnt3psu 12 months ago

    When are MTG and Tucker Carlson going to do a collab with Stephen Seagal?

  • #Kaution 12 months ago

    Can we move to delete Tiktok as a people… now

  • Randall Blyler 12 months ago

    Why is anyone giving Santos a microphone?

  • Wendigo63 ! 12 months ago

    Is AR-15 a good candidate? It is specifically a “civilian” weapon, not intended for military use, best known for mass murders. Whereas the M-16 is a long-lived defender of freedom on battlefields around the world.


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