A Guy Uses Thong as a Mask & MLK Jr.’s Family Asks People to Not Celebrate MLK Day | The Daily Show

Published on December 17, 2021

A Florida man protests having to wear a mask on a plane by wearing a thong over his face, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s family calls for “no celebration” of MLK Day without action on voting rights legislation. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MLK




  • Mitch Pynn 2 years ago

    Like Florida thong-man’s choice of color for his “mask” and think he should be allowed to wear that on top of an effective one. Or on his shoulder, left ear, right ankle…

  • HipUsername 2 years ago

    I’m glad thong man pointed out the absurdity of wearing masks, maybe doctors will finally figure out that they’re ridiculous for wearing surgical masks too. They can just wear thongs

  • Lauren Bogans 2 years ago

    Why did they choose MLK Day Presidents Day

  • Neil Nelson 2 years ago

    A country that is actively killing people in foreign lands because they’re not democratic does not even fully practice democracy in their own land.

  • Lynna Kay 2 years ago

    Well then, obviously if now is just like March 2020, but we have vaccines, then the vaccines didn’t work.

  • Chirag Arora 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind anyone wearing a thong provided it’s N95.

  • Ugly Betty 2 years ago

    A devil from africa became a news anchor

  • L. A. Gothro 2 years ago

    Oooh, will workers be okay with not getting a Monday off?

  • Marguerite Holtzhausen 2 years ago

    The way Trevor says “years” is so posh SA school English. Love that he keeps his accent.

  • xl 2 years ago

    Trevor is so positive and funny at the same time.

  • Pahis 2 years ago

    so sad , funny but really sad. imho

  • Laura Tober 2 years ago

    Weren’t Republicans the ones that supported MLK?

  • madree p 2 years ago

    I don’t celebrate MLK Jr day. Celebrating it is basically saying that his dreams became a reality. He died fighting for things that we’re still fighting for today. I remember him on his day and I say a prayer and give thanks for all he did for our people. But I think he would be disappointed in our country today.

  • Awake 2 years ago

    2097 lol.


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