MyPillow Mike’s Major MAGA Fail, Trump’s “Abdul” Obsession & Nicki Minaj Responds to Jimmy Kimmel

Published on September 15, 2021

California Governor Gavin Newsom won the recall election despite candidate Caitlyn Jenner’s final push yesterday, Nicki Minaj tweeted Jimmy about interviewing her Cousin’s friend about his swollen testicles, Trump pushed back against a tell-all book that paints an ugly picture of his time in office and patted himself on the back when it comes to Afghanistan and his conversations with the leader of the Taliban, and since Mike Lindell has been making the rounds again, Jimmy thought we should check in on MyPillow Mike (James Adomian) to see how he’s doing.


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  • Ray S 10 months ago

    He thinks DVD means ‘Dominion Voting Device’, I guess. Lol

  • carlo parcelli 10 months ago

    Afghans traditionally use only a first name like ‘Abdul’ and generally lack a last name.

  • Laird Dougal 10 months ago

    Genital enlargement? You can bet that Trinidad will be the next favoured destination of the. MAGA crowd.

  • Brent Walker 10 months ago

    “I had a strong conversation” is a sentence that only Trump would ever make. I mean, who the hell talks like that? What an idiot.

  • Beau33 10 months ago

    The two women on the Jim Baker show are the most weird and uncomfortable people I’ve seen on the show

  • Robert Catterall 10 months ago

    Let’s call him Abdool.Euuurraaagh.

  • Jocelyn Johnston 10 months ago

    “They stoled our country”. Jesus. Mike Lindell speaks like a kindergartener.

  • Mark9898 10 months ago

    Re: Gen. Milley and others concerned Trump would authorize a military strike to bolster his ratings lets remember these gems:
    1. Trump threatened Iran more than once with nuclear devastation.
    2. Trump repeatedly stated in public because he is the *pOTUS he can do anything he wants.

  • TT Burn 10 months ago

    “Abdul” must have had a lot of fun with Spanky

  • mike bite 10 months ago

    all talk shows suck and should follow coan and leave their show….

  • john beach 10 months ago


  • Marlene Mounce 10 months ago

    Cali has a Governor election NEXT YEAR. I thought republicans didn’t want to waste money? $276M. True Conservatives lack representation.

  • C.A.T. 10 months ago

    MikePillowGuy on Jim Bakker’s show… makes perfect sense. Mike can market his Magic Oleander Extract Cure along with Bakker’s miracle colloidal silver treatment as a double-whammy to fight Covid. And people will need to buy a pillow so they can take a nap after eating Bakker’s Buckets ‘o Food.

  • AirWolf 10 months ago

    You can tell by The Orange Sphincter’s reaction that China had something to be worried about, also by his reaction to the Taliban I’d put a little money on he made a deal with them to pay him for the military equipment that got left behind.

  • Elizabeth Harvey 10 months ago

    I did not like this snd I thought it was too long.

  • Brandon Ramirez 10 months ago

    Lindell going on Jim Bakker? That’s a new low

  • Sara Nebeling 10 months ago

    Oh my gosh! My Pillow magic!

  • TheyCensoredMarcionToo 10 months ago

    I love that Jimmy Kimmel fans have trillions of non-encapsulated spike proteins settling throughout their capillaries.

  • Hunter Deane 10 months ago

    Mike Lindel impression of him is hilarious lmfao 😂😂


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