What’s Next For America’s Embarrassingly Weak Gun Laws?



  • Scott Krater 2 years ago

    Gas in New Jersey doesn’t cost any more than any other state. That’s jobs you want to get rid off, minimum wage for sure, but great for kids old enough to work. Shame on you for sounding like you want the oil companies to make more money, because they aren’t gonna drop the price of gas.

  • A Gift of Honey 2 years ago

    Let me get this straight – Republicans will bend over backwards to force women to carry a pregnancy but they won’t lift a finger to do anything about AR-15’s ?

  • Anthony Bari 2 years ago

    It’s getting so that all the other countries that are our antagonists like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Palestine, Venezuela, Nicaragua and any other countries you care to name won’t have to worry about us much longer.
    All they have to do is just sit back and watch America shoot itself to death.

  • lara2000 2 years ago

    Maybe if those guns were turned on Republicans or the people they love then things would be different

  • liam nehren 2 years ago

    I actually looked into when the 2nd amendment was written into law, the “well regulated militia” is how the “right to bare arms” will not be infringed is what the phrase means with it’s modernly unusual sentence structure.

    This is evidenced by the army having formed more then 10 years early with the title of “Army” so militia does not refer to the army of the USA. other evidence is that it was written into law three years after the famous letter about the tree of liberty where the author was worried about the Army being used to take away freedoms such as privacy *cough* patriot act *cough* so the amendment is about not outlawing well regulated groups of private individuals being screened and trained to safely use any kind of weapon the army has in their possession as a counter balance to the Army.

    Nothing about random untrained individuals, the amendment doesn’t protect them it protects the neighborhood watch and ironically the NRA as a well regulated group of civilians, technically a militia. Now the debate should really be about the level of the restrictions for licensing and admission to groups like the NRA, not if there should be restrictions at all.

  • Clive Jules 2 years ago

    Only idiots believe that owning a gun makes their family safer. Statistics show that almost nobody ever uses a gun to save someone, but accidental discharge. suicide, and emotional outburst with a firearm.

  • pluraltest 2 years ago

    I was told that more news coverage on mass shootings create more mass shootings

  • George Jones 2 years ago

    What’s next for America’s unprotected ” gun free zone” School system ?
    We need universal school safety measures nationwide.
    I can secure any school with ease…it just costs money.
    The government has 40 billion for Ukraine
    And zero $ for America’s school safety

  • jkuhl 2 years ago

    Louie Gohmert might be the dumbest person in Congress. And that’s saying something.

  • Justin Gibbons 2 years ago

    You can live with it by moving out of the country.

  • Shady Kitty 2 years ago

    y would u want to pump your own gas?

  • Cody&jenn 87 2 years ago

    Criminals are the problem they don’t obey the law and they don’t care about red flag laws or any gun control for that matter but we the people the law abiding gunowners do care about our gun rights being infringed upon and these idiot anti gunner democrats including Biden and bs gun control all needs to be abolished

  • Frank Parker 2 years ago

    Cowards. Guns. America.

  • My Getaway 2 years ago

    honestly, as a European, i don’t understand how anyone would willingly live in America knowing you could be next in the line of fire the next time you go to the supermarket or knowing you could go totally bankrupt if you need serious medical attention or knowing you will pay for decades for college. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I would never move to America, i pity Americans.

  • Bonnie Barnes 2 years ago

    I AM SO DONE!!! Shootings happen SO often and make no impact in this noneforesaken country, that one happened here, in my hometown, and I never ever heard about it until I watched this. This country is lost.

  • BlackEpyon 2 years ago

    Laughs nervously in Canadian…

  • Kung Fu 2 years ago

    How is that America has an illiterate epidemic? The second amendment gives us the right to a well armed police force so we need not buy a gun.

  • Kevin Chapman 2 years ago

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  • Valentin Wer 2 years ago

    4:13 “I’m 37 years old.” At first I heard 47 and I was like: “That’s seems about right.” But Sam’s 52. Sam you’re beautiful and I hope you’ll never lose your spark.


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