Full Frontal Rewind: Health Care—For Her!

Published on May 13, 2022

It’s Women’s Health Month and to celebrate, Republicans are sending us on a trip all the way back to the 1950s! Attacks on women’s access to health care aren’t new––we’ve been covering them for years. Here are our best pieces on reproductive justice and other “lady” issues. #WTFwomenshealth

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  • Cade Britt 2 years ago

    Oh I forgot to say white people have no sole. Check history out for proof.

  • thegamms 2 years ago

    They want us all to think about children the way an old book told a story about a mother putting her live healthy baby in a basket & sending it down the river to who knows where. And that’s supposed to be better than abortion. Which one protects more physical, actual babies and not an undeveloped or underdeveloped fetus? It’s definitely not for anyone else to decide for her. Especially the Religious Right & their packed courts. We might like to pack courts, or intend on packing them, but the courts, with the SCOTUS being the largest amount of judges in a single circuit being nearly monopolized by the Religious Right & Mitch McConnell along with Kevin McCarthy, Jared Kushner, Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, Gohmert, Boebert & MTG. Who are all Godless creatures.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    It is certainly surprising that they hate women so much, but take orders from a ‘burning bush’.

  • Ada 2 years ago

    Spot on!

  • Vanessa Whitney 2 years ago

    Thank You, Sam & Crew! Let’s keep fighting! Much love & courage to All of Us.

  • HS22181 2 years ago

    I believe this is an old(er) recycled vid.

  • Simura Gemi 2 years ago

    Adam not only ate the fruit too but let Eve eat it first to make sure it was safe and THEN ate it. I was taught growing up that he stood by silently and let her eat it rather than protecting her from the snake, this is kinda misogynistic in assuming he’s responsible for her but everyone who reads the story of Adam and Eve should know that Adam was at least as responsible/guilty as Eve in Genesis.

  • Red Button TV1 2 years ago

    is man a de-funked woman?

  • Toni Hinton 2 years ago

    Trick question, Sam? The amount of abortions TFG paid for is zero. He never pays for anything.

  • jim bob 2 years ago

    If abortions were done with firearms they’d support your second amendment rights, maybe.

  • Mike Layton 2 years ago

    No MAN should ever be allowed to have an abortion.

  • Mike Layton 2 years ago

    Think about it – black MEN got the vote many decades Before women

  • Cancun771 2 years ago

    Everybody knows those GOPers are crooks.
    *When will you start roasting Dems for not protecting us?* Voting rights? Civil rights?
    Women’s rights?
    *None of this comes as a surprise.*
    They feign surprise to cover up ignorance if not complicity.
    It has been 15 months since the Capitol attack and none of the *criminal elites* that orchestrated it, have been brought to justice. The DoJ has focused excluisively on the small fry, the Oathkeepers and Proud Boys. Middlemen and randos that just showed up. Meanwhile, *Bannon, Flint, Roger Stone and other high-level, dangerous operatives run free.* Let’s get real – *If you are part of the cover-up, you are part of the crime.*
    Apropos of nothing, Nancy Pelosi is taking money from the same Russian oligarchs that sponsor Trump, through people like Len Blavatnik and Deutsche Bank.
    Get Sarah Kendzior on the show. Listen to the Gaslit Nation podcast.
    It sounds ridiculous when you say it out loud, but the actual conservative gameplan is to rule with Putin/Orban-style autocracy for two generations, turn schools into right-wing indoctrination zones, crushing Millennials & GenZ underfoot while training up Gen Alpha as fascists.
    That’s the throughline for all of it. They know everyone under 40 hates them. They know they’ve lost the broader public & can’t win real majorities.
    So their plan is authoritarian minority rule along Orbanist lines to crush opposition while indoctrinating a new generation.
    And the Dems are not resisting; key dems are _protecting_ them.

  • klondike444 2 years ago

    “…nearly 30% of Americans think coronavirus was created in a lab.”
    That was 2 years ago. Bee is so conventional in her thinking.

  • Jesse Torres 2 years ago

    1) I’m a male from Central Texas who is pro-choice, but I feel that it’s ultimately a women’s right/decision to take birth control & that Roe V. Wade should remain in effect as it currently is.
    2) When it comes to the 1st & 2nd trimester, I don’t agree with the argument that the baby is truly alive even with a heartbeat since it also lacks a brain, its lungs, & an immune system, which are needed to keep it alive (& something like this happened to a family member whom I won’t mention by name).
    3) I was born & raised Christian (specifically Baptist), & in The Bible there is a story in the Book of Numbers where a man believes his wife committed adultery, so he asked God for help & he was told by God to give his wife an elixir that would’ve aborted the child if it wasn’t his, so this story proves that The Bible isn’t against abortions.
    4) I believe that once a baby is born it should have affordable medical care/coverage for its entire life since I’m pro-life in that regard & not just pro-birth of the baby.
    5) I don’t believe male politicians should be able to create laws regulating what women can or can’t do with their own bodies when that sets a precedent for female politicians to create laws regulating what men can do to theirs.


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