What Trevor Misses About South Africa’s Racism | The Daily Show



  • Raistlin Majere 1 year ago

    They do this with the LGBT community as well. Republicans want to have government kept out of people’s lives…except when it comes to marrying the same gender or being trans.

  • tshego mxeli 1 year ago

    i must also agree , racism in SA seems more under control then in the USA. you can be racist in your home its fine but once you leave you home common sense replaces racist impulses, for the love of Azania

  • Teresa Benson 1 year ago

    I have yet to figure out how voter ID is supposed to be racist, why would Black people be any less likely than white people to have an ID?

  • Inglewoodhoney Honey 1 year ago

    That’s how southern democrats jumped to republican in the 1960s. Because Southern Democrats like LBJ signed the civil rights act 1964

  • Luke McCampbell 1 year ago

    South Africa’s racism is people putting tires over someone’s arms and lighting them on fire.

  • Tucker Bowen 1 year ago

    I hope Trevor is doing well

  • dubber 1 year ago

    I dont see how you can get racism from requiring a photo ID to vote.

  • Trésor Irumva 1 year ago

    I miss Germany’s racism as well. They were so out and honest with it. In America, one can sit next to a r****st for a whole lifetime at work without ever knowing it.

  • TheBigHomie Show 1 year ago

    this guy is clueless about being black in the ghettos of American its not about race hasn’t been for a long time now its about culture and he only has a south African one not a black American one this man is a clown

  • Ann Pringle 1 year ago

    Great video!!

  • Emisto9 Sakina 1 year ago

    Malome Trevor wago bina okare olomile ke tshitshiboya osa lebala go dumedisa koko le mamago on my behalf & wena oje delela le masonja/mopani worms also let makoti to taste so that you won’t forget that you are African. Okare wa itebala ge ole ko America.

  • Larisa Dukes 1 year ago

    “They make you work for your racism” … Oh my.

  • Malcolm Greene 1 year ago

    As much as any Republican to want to dispute with this man is saying it has receipts in real life I hate Democrats but Jesus Christ Republicans you got to understand that there’s racism on both sides both sides and yes it exists

  • S M 1 year ago

    who remembers the black panthers on the steps of the state building in the bay area with their guns, protesting non violently, just holding their guns.. people were mad SCARED. then what happened? no bearing arms in public. like SERIOUSLY. became illegal.

  • Keith Pixton 1 year ago

    When are we getting new shows on TV?


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