What the Hell Happened This Week? Week of 11/7/2022

Published on November 12, 2022

Oprah turns on Dr. Oz just before the midterms, the Daily Show correspondents provide Election Day coverage, Republicans don’t get the red wave they expected, and Twitter faces a blue check fiasco. Here’s what happened this week. #DailyShow #comedy

03:23 Oprah Turns on Dr. Oz
12:11 The Midterms Are Here
21:51 No Red Wave?
32:13 Twitter’s Blue Check Crisis




  • jeremybr2020 1 year ago

    How quickly do we forget about AOC. The previous youngest person to be elected to congress at age 29. Now apparently she’s an old woman grouped in with all the other old congressmen.

  • omaRamo O 1 year ago

    Indict Trump. Tomorrow.

  • Pavel Smith 1 year ago

    The Trump slogan of “lock her up!”
    Then roe v wade.
    Because she is a woman?
    Because her body is a woman?
    Because the person running against you is a female? LOCK HER UP -roe v wade
    Then – January 6th
    Roe v Wade is bad news

  • Big Bear 1 year ago

    School bus full of puppies somehow more important than a school bus full of… children. Trying to reach out to Republicans with that one.

  • Mar 1 year ago

    US Politics just seem like a WWE show to me

  • Devine Augier 1 year ago

    A red spit

  • Toni Talas 1 year ago

    Trevor is one in a million! Going to miss him!

  • Jeanne Elliott 1 year ago

    You are the best comedian in the universe Trevor!!!

  • Fire Wilson 1 year ago

    When you used to wear a different color turtleneck everyday , I would think of tootsie roll lollipops

  • Fire Wilson 1 year ago

    During the quarantine time period when first watching the show :

  • Ohm Gnome 1 year ago

    “maybe everything is getting worse and worse which makes every election more and more important”. The republicans are the wealthy. they are the ones that rake in record profits from oil and run ads to tell you that the democrats are causing the inflation and so are paradoxically the ones who are making things worse and worse monetarily for average joe with their lies and their greed and you can’t even bother these inconsiderate F*** to put a cap on their methane spewing tapped oil wells.

  • A Rose 1 year ago

    Why did he say DeSantis wrong so many times lol

  • Grimwolf 1 year ago

    It’s pretty messed up that COVID is just a thing now that’ll never go away. We had vaccines and CDC mandates almost immediately that would’ve wiped it out, but people just didn’t feel like it.
    Eventually people will be calling in to work like “Someone coughed in my face last week, and I have seasonal Ebola now. My eyes are bleeding, so I can’t make it in today.”

  • Debra Rymer 1 year ago

    HAHAHHA I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I especially love the correspondents. The satireis wonderful.


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