Jimmy Kimmel Emerges from ANOTHER Bout with COVID, Trump vs Kellyanne Conway & Monkeypox Outbreak

Published on May 23, 2022

Jimmy makes his triumphant return after a second round with COVID, shares the signs his kids Jane and Billy made for him, takes a cognitive quiz to make sure his brain is firing at its normal speed, another health crisis called Monkeypox is on the way, Kellyanne Conway is back with a book about her time as Donald Trump’s henchwoman, Rudy Giuliani took part in the “Celebrate Israel Parade” in NYC and took some time to have a conversation with a heckler, Russia has released a list of 963 Americans who are banned from visiting the country, Starbucks announced they will be ending their brand presence in Russia, we’re down to the Final Four in the NBA playoffs, and we look back to remember life during lockdown in a May edition of “This Month in COVID History.”

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  • Robert Dillon 2 years ago

    The pee mustache is not a Dirty Sanchez… It’s a Dirty Donnie.

  • Emma Walton 2 years ago

    Jimmy Zyrtec helps with long Covid. Scishow long Covid explains.

  • Vince Callagher 2 years ago

    Why is she reading her own book

  • J. Rich 2 years ago

    No one cares.

  • wan car 2 years ago

    seems broken to me.

  • Andrea G 2 years ago

    Perhaps do fact checks from Pfizer court documents and not new paper clippings.

  • Brandy M. Williams 2 years ago

    This is mental cruelty to having to hear speak again.

  • Mike Lytou 2 years ago

    Holy F, literally. Kellyanne thinks she’s a hero and spiritual leader now. A little bit of crap came out of my ears when she said “amen”.

  • Stonemovers 2 years ago

    Three more and he can join the 5 timers and get his special jacket. Giuliani’s book entitled “So I Farted” is coming out next.

  • Rasheeda Walker 2 years ago

    Donald Trump giving them Covid Back to Back

  • G M 2 years ago

    Do not worry, comrades. I have idea for new Russian coffee shop chain. We will call it Czarbucks. And we will be using grounds from…..a potato.

  • Steven Gumm 2 years ago

    Wish he would just quit the show.

  • Tan S 2 years ago

    Kellyanne is such a tool.


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