Wait, What?: Professional Fishing Cheating Scandal

Published on October 5, 2022

Seth takes a moment to look into an unbelievable scandal that rocked the professional fishing world.

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  • MLDKF 1 year ago

    Man, first “Professional Chess” has a cheating scandal, now “Professional Fishing”. What’s next, we’re going to find out there’s cheating in “Professional Monopoly” that happened?

  • kimberly cornelius 1 year ago

    Now I want x-ray on all fish in tournaments you talking big money !

  • thetylife 1 year ago

    I think they added other fishes’ inners to cover the lead , not to add more weight.

  • chas in lakewood 1 year ago

    Seth says Wait, What?

  • Immortal Asirpa 1 year ago

    *Shall not be infringed.* The right to weight fish.

  • David T 1 year ago

    I read the news, but sheesh, this much time over fishing?

  • David Jones 1 year ago

    Isn’t the real cheat that “wait, what?” Is stolen from Norms sports show?

  • Trevor tc (TC) 1 year ago

    Surely it could have been called “Weight What”..

  • Corey Judd 1 year ago

    isn’t ‘wait, what’ a Norm bit?

  • Philoctetes 1 year ago

    I honestly do not know the words to express what I am feeling. Emojis will fail us both. Just. Wow. Wow.

  • MD4564 1 year ago

    First Chess, now Fish ? What is the world going on? Oh It’s America.

  • djn403 1 year ago

    Antifa put it in the fish to make those great patiots look bad

  • L W 1 year ago

    3:00 Did Seth just morph into a Sucker Carlson impression?

  • Devin Holcomg 1 year ago

    Well done!

  • barkergirl33 1 year ago

    I think the seriousness of this scandal was lost. These “men” have been on the circuit cheating for years and have cheated other players out of well over 3 million dollars. The “fish parts” mentioned are fillets they altered to weigh more also. This is a giant scandal, money and sponsorships were stolen. It’s an interesting story should anyone want to check out an article on it.

  • i minabrons 1 year ago

    From what I’ve seen of America over the past 25 years. There will be no shame attached to these fishermen. What they did is now the American way.


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