Unpacking Joe Rogan’s Response to Artists Pulling Content from Spotify | The Daily Show

Published on February 1, 2022

Amid artists pulling their music from Spotify, Joe Rogan issues an apology and vows to balance out the controversial viewpoints on his show. #DailyShow #JoeRogan



  • Lawson Barnette 12 months ago

    Joe’s got more courage than Noah will ever have. He always has open discussions, while Trevor will toe the line – and play it safe. I still remember the whole “Cuomosexual” schtick. You’d have thought that this maybe would’ve been a sign for him to start being real, but it never happened. In my opinion, if some celebrity is too fragile to hear a podcast without insisting on censorship, than they’re not thoughtful or honest. Trevor is a backpedaling member of the mainstream, and I don’t think he has any real critical thinking skills. He couldn’t even take a solid stand to get behind Joe’s statement without finding a way to attempt at discrediting Joe. His character is as watered down as his comedy. Nobody really knows who Trevor is because he isn’t authentic.

  • rmdashrfv 12 months ago

    This is refreshing. Not a Trevor Noah fan, but glad he said this. He’s missing some nuance on the mask debate though. The reason for the mask debate is that you couldn’t go into any establishment without a face-covering of any kind, and naturally this made people upset because pro-maskers were acting as though putting a cloth over your face protected you from an airborne virus. I don’t know anyone who thought KN95s were useless. But the idea of using bandanas and t-shirts is what sowed a lot of skepticism in people like myself. People were accosted, barred from, yelled at, and kicked out of establishments for not having a face covering of some kind. Now we know that most of the face coverings people used –such as the ones at BLM protests– were never actually doing anything. This is not a small thing, guys.

  • Lad king 12 months ago

    I love it when Trevor gets real like this.

  • sergio lozano 12 months ago

    Rogan didnt apologize and he didn’t need to apologize he “ Addressed” the attempts of these idiotic fascist cancel culture attempts

  • Roots 12 months ago

    And in other news… Whoopi Goldberg gives an apology to Jewish people – that was deemed not sufficiently remorseful – and she’s suspended for two weeks. Ridiculous.

  • Peter W 12 months ago

    What’s with the constant switching camera angles ? To the camera he isn’t looking at.

  • Joseph Stewart 12 months ago

    What exactly did Joe Rogan “own up to”? People should be allowed to discuss their own beliefs and have whoever they want on their show.

  • Joe Williams 12 months ago

    “No one recognizes the nuance!” goes on to discuss Joe Rogan failing to recognize nuance. The “context” you’re missing only looking at those clips is that Joe Rogan does spread misinformation all the time, not just in those clips.

  • Desert 82 12 months ago

    Joe is just looking for the truth in a world of lies

  • Mark D 12 months ago

    Nuance. Thanks!

  • Greg Moore 12 months ago

    Neil Young is a living legend.
    Little Joey is a runt.

  • Samuel 12 months ago

    Never was a big fan of trever noah but this was a fair take

  • Joyce 12 months ago

    harry and meghan are just basically riding the bandwagon, they wont pull out the money that spotify pay them

  • Zanele KHUZWAYO 12 months ago

    Lol this is funny

  • Stephen Pospahala 12 months ago

    It is 7:57 and I will never again give you my time and views.

  • ARMANIX 12 months ago

    Vaccines don’t work. The numbers are lies. It’s all mental warfare. People mentally believe the vaccines help, so they naturally get healthier…pharmaceutical companies don’t know how to cure “COVID”. They know how to sale tho

  • Luis Avila 12 months ago

    Rogan promotes Conservatives views, brings to his show only people within the conservative spectrum, and supports the medicines that have no factual evidence to be called a cure. I ignore where this “look at this guy, let’s give him a second chance because he acknowledges he is wrong” type of an excuse comes from but I say Rogan has not created the equilibrium needed for him to be given a second chance, he has to go!

  • Gary Mims 12 months ago

    Joe rogan wasn’t using the examples of cloth masks and the lab leak theory as ways to prove that he is right about the things people call misinformation on his show, ( he actually trys not to have too much of a strong opinion) what he’s saying is he should be able to have an open minded conversation because what we believe today can be completely different tomorrow so dont get so hung up on conversations and opions. Nothing is set in stone as we have seen with this pandemic… is what he’s saying Trevor

  • Eugene Imbang Y Orteza 12 months ago

    Trevor is much better than the likes of Colbert

  • T H 12 months ago

    South African Racist Clown says what?


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