Why We’re Going Back to the Moon – NASA’s Artemis II Moon Mission Astronauts

Published on April 6, 2023

The crew of NASA’s Artemis II moon mission, Victor Glover, Reid Wiseman, Christina Koch and Jeremy Hansen, join Stephen Colbert to discuss how they’re preparing for their mission, and why they have their sights set on Mars as the next frontier for human exploration. Stick around for more with the Artemis II crew!

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  • Paco Maco 8 months ago

    Going “back” Yeah right ….

  • JoMac 8 months ago

    Mars+humans, at least 50 years in the future.

  • Curt Bevington 8 months ago

    This is just a JOKE… NASA has wasted billions to not even do what SpaceX and BO have accomplished with a fraction of the $ and time. What moon are they flying by??? not landing on… just flying by… THIS isn’t new… its an embarrassment. We have been to moon.. we have landed on the moon.. many times… this is PURE HYPE. They all act as if NASA did it all… no mention of what SpaceX has and will do. The future, if there is one, will be with SpaceX… not NASA…. oh and watching the putz gush.. and the audience over ‘diversity’… makes me sick.

  • JazznRealHipHop 8 months ago

    What a great crew. Inspiring. Respect.

  • Airstrip One 8 months ago

    What do the badges on the left side of the chest mean ? The two men in the middle look like they have the same yellow badge and the lady has a white badge and the Canadian has a yellow badge with a little bit of red on it.

  • Ronnie Heit 8 months ago

    At 68 and having watched as a kid Neal Armstrong first stepping on the moon I’m absolutely filled with joy that America is sending another crew to the moon finally.
    Even more because it including a female, Candian and person of color.

  • JoAnne Johnson 8 months ago

    Proud to be a American when I see this!
    Sending my very best wishes

  • John Lawniczak 8 months ago

    Wen mars?

  • Mark Callaghan 8 months ago

    Why the moon ?So we can go to mars …. no follow up question – doh

  • Tod Dodge 8 months ago

    Americans have had to foot the bill for enough dogs, monkeys & twat douches’ ride to space.

  • Bark Eyes 8 months ago

    Colbert Coffee made for space travel!

  • David 8 months ago

    At least we’re not in a race with Russia this time. They’re spending all their money and young men on murdering their neighbors.

  • K B 8 months ago

    I worked with Glover and he’s a genuinely honest and intelligent guy.

  • AL 8 months ago

    Watch out for the lizzid peeple

  • classical7 8 months ago

    These human beings are amazing.

  • nongthip 8 months ago

    There’s so much ugly angry neghead shit going on down on the ground, it’s great to know humans are still making big leaps towards expanding our collective view of our place in the cosmos and ability to reach farther, to take big risks and develop increasingly amazing technologies. In short, to go where no “them or they” has ever gone before.


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