Stephen Colbert’s Cyborgasm, CES Edition: A Computer In Your Toilet | Color-Changing Cars

Published on January 17, 2023

Tech-lover Stephen Colbert looks at some of the exciting new gadgets introduced at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
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  • Ulrich Bierwisch 8 months ago

    I try to imagine a group of young people in 5 years hanging around in a park – not looking together at the latest TikTok on the phone but having VR-headsets, headphones and a Mutalk thing on to hang out together. I try to imagine but it doesn’t work. All I can imagine is that those companies are going to disappear much earlier. The youth will not hang out in the metaverse with isolation gear on.

  • Massive Cumshot 8 months ago

    Prince who? The only time I’d watch a monarch is at their guillotining.

  • Billy Gundum 8 months ago

    Does that toilet thing do drug tests?

  • M.Linoge 8 months ago

    oh, look. they reinvented the ballgag…

  • Michael G 8 months ago

    The pee analyzer should be called “The Donald”…lol

  • Noble Harvey 8 months ago

    I saw the ‘golfi’ cords and thought about it. I’m thinking spaghetti golf? Cords everywhere? Nah. Next!

  • Mighty One 8 months ago

    Sippy-cups Steve, give one a try! Grown ups call them ‘travel mugs’, I call it my ‘I can drop this and it won’t all spill’ solution, it also helps prevent disaster if I snort-laugh while trying to drink.

    Also, I feel like that robo-pillow idea is interesting, but I can’t help but think of people smothering their spouses due to snoring frustration when I hear the marketing, because if this pillow doesn’t work it’s going to end badly.

    Also also, if you have to tell a spouse/potential future spouse/adult child to stop playing a video game loudly when you’re trying to sleep, you’re probably justified in using the murder pillow to smother them, just saying. I feel a lot like when I stopped playing video games I lost most of my patience with video games/people that play them.

  • MythBuster 8 months ago

    Louis Kato SUCKS!!!! So sad Batiste left. Makes Colbert almost unwatchable with Louis’s sycophantic fake laugh interrupting Colbert jokes. Yuck….

  • Daniela Hineva 8 months ago

    Unfortunately Steven you decided to make a quick cash inviting Harry and handing him only softballs! You gave a platform to his nonsense! I don’t trust you and I don’t respect you anymore! I think keeping your fans, in the long run, is better, but this is just my opinion!

  • LoPhatKao 8 months ago

    now i want a terminator head coffee machine xD

  • Richie Black 8 months ago

    Quid Pro Joe is clearly compromised due to the fact he was providing classified docs to The Crackhead to deliver to the Chicoms.

  • ThoperSought 8 months ago

    Mr. Huge Ackman?

  • Joshua Mack 8 months ago

    I thought the mutalk was a gag story then I goggled it and found out it was a real thing. Comedy just writes itself these days.

  • Michiel Voetberg 8 months ago

    4:21 Colour changing cars. But do you see those “windows”? Nobody can see through that. It looks like the car wants to simulate the 1940’s Battle of Britain blackout.
    I could make more fun of this, but this shit is dangerous and illegal

  • Artemio Marifosque 8 months ago

    Belated Happy 3 Kings , Stephen & Elvie Colbert!


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