Should Roy Wood Jr. Keep His Mouth Shut Around Trevor? | The Daily Show

Published on October 5, 2022

News that Trevor is leaving The Daily Show has Roy Wood Jr. feeling attacked and Ronny feeling confused. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah



  • Eric Klaus 1 year ago

    Trevor is ajoke

  • Monica Brandt 1 year ago

    Love Trevor and Roy…The comedic timing of Roy is awesome… I personally want Roy to have a bigger platform to showcase his comedy… Being a host doesn’t fully allow you to go all in, prolly what Trevor misses about standup…

  • Jenny Mack 1 year ago

    trevor, you just made that worse

  • Zeyda Husni 1 year ago

    Did he said with that singer lol Roy is funny on that

  • Douglas Harley 1 year ago

    at the heart of all great humor is great sadness.

  • Clayton Hider 1 year ago

    Hey Producers, let Roy take over after Trevor leaves please.

  • Raymond Matos 1 year ago

    i’m sorry Roy and Ronnie are the least funny. Desi or Klepper one of them deserve it they were the most funny. give thumbs up and who you would like to see takeover in the comments of this comment

  • Christopher Keller 1 year ago

    Pick Roy, Colin and Michael (package deal) or bring back Jon. Or steal Noah’s passport. Regardless, let the viewers pick. The Daily Show belongs to the people.

  • Amy Adams 1 year ago

    I feel bad for laughing at the Ronny jokes.

  • Owen Kaplan 1 year ago

    Dis Lupida

  • Neil H 1 year ago

    Roy has become a Great comedian.
    I’m waiting for the Roy Wood Jr. Comedy hour in prime time.

  • bbird a12 1 year ago

    Trevor’s breaking up the band, man. Question is, who is the new lead singer? Lot of competition. Maybe gonna be a mass exodus of talent who don’t replace Trevor.


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