Pillow talk with Mike Lindell and Jordan Klepper #shorts



  • Mark Knecht 2 years ago

    #DennisMontgomery is the man fooling #MikeLindell. #TheManWhoConnedThePentagon

  • Shady Fungus 2 years ago

    For a guy who sells pillows, dude is soft.

  • Mike Edwards 2 years ago

    His expert said there was no proof of election results

  • Pohn O'Shaw 2 years ago

    Commandment 6 : ” Infect thy neighbor”

  • Fauler Perfektionist 2 years ago

    So… just to clarify… Mike Lindell _insists_ that Drumpf is going to be reinstated in August, 2021. August, 2021. Look at the calendar, folks.

  • moses knows 2 years ago

    What!!! The trump wasn’t reinstated on 8/14 of this year… What happened, did i miss something? The pillow guy said he would
    be back running things by now…

  • IoI wut 2 years ago

    I like you Klepper but i think you might be trolling a bit too hard. Almost had me liking Lindell. i gotta give the dude (Mike) some points for how he conducted himself. i don’t like what he’s doing but i can respect how he goes about it, at least in this one ‘interview’. wish i could say the same for JK but showing up with sole intention of trying of trivializing his views and mocking his motives is not the way to bring us together. just feels way to biased. not diggin’ the millennial propaganda vibes (if that even makes sense lol).

  • Young Mike Lindell 2 years ago

    Young Mike Lindell…in mustache training!

  • Dapper David 2 years ago

    Was he crying at the end???

  • jedicide 2 years ago

    I love Jordan’s bigfoot analogy. “they don’t find bigfoot at the end, but you tune in next week, maybe it’s gonna happen.”

  • Live Enlightened by Ron Steele 2 years ago

    How easily the evil side media forgets about the death threats and murders against many people who tried to go public with election fraud information. At least we now see the truth coming out about who works for the devil and who works for our Soul Creator.

  • June April 2 years ago

    With all his money, he could be in a bathtub full of champagne with a thai woman giving him a shoulder massage.
    I don’t understand why he gets overworked over a bunch of bull.


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