A Movie Shot in Space & Jaguars Coach Apologizes for Dancing | The Daily Show



  • Fall H. 2 years ago

    The lies on top of lies he said lol yeah restaurant group beside yours that w after pictures

  • Bartholomew Ernest 2 years ago

    Space dusch

  • finest kind medicinal 2 years ago

    Such nonsense

  • Kgosi Tumelo MoAfrika Tota 2 years ago

    Having a partner should also be considered an inability to do your job; NFL logic

  • Dilraj Singh Bhinder 2 years ago

    Tom Cruise out there buying a rocket now

  • Duane Lumpkin 2 years ago

    This is amazing! A comedian having to point out the absurdity of this situation is priceless! I know I’m old but I remember when Ken “the Snake” Stabler was admired by his teammates for staying out partying all night before a football game; and Michael “the Playmaker” Irvin bragged about coming to practice before a championship game with a hangover; heck, I even remember how the sports media used to glamourized how “Broadway” Joe Namath womanized before every game. Nobody mentioned anything about a lost of respect or a lack of leadership skills with those immortal football players, Right?

  • Rick James 2 years ago

    Urban Meyer is the biggest f****** loser in life I have ever seen.

  • Aisha Sadiq 2 years ago

    #TrevorNoah#dailyshow. Announcing “the return of the hoodie! A studio sequel.”

  • Jennifer Andrews 2 years ago

    Trevor I like your Burberry hoodie! Nice!

  • Themachine 2 years ago

    Nice Burberry hoody Trevor. Those r not cheap

  • Vinay Kumar 2 years ago

    He’s got jag !

  • T Ando 2 years ago

    This why as a non American I see the NFL as the least athletic of all the sports. Between the required stoppages for ad breaks and dancing, the average player runs 150 yards in 2.5 hours, making my 1 year old more athletic then they are in a typical game.

  • G S 2 years ago

    Hoodie at a desk seems so natural

  • Otto W 2 years ago

    Must have been filmed before the second video came out.

  • Joy Modern Cyber Chuka 2 years ago

    I think this is a reverse diss to US because, the moon landing was actually on a movie set. #3dChess


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