Pedro Pascal: Extended Interview | The Graham Norton Show

Published on March 22, 2023

Since we all love Pedro Pascal so much, here’s an extended interview from his appearance on the red sofa! What was your favourite moment?

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  • Jo Po 1 year ago

    Pedro is in so many things right now, when I go out for dinner, I expect him to be my waiter.

  • fancypapercutz 1 year ago

    I just want to hang out by a campfire with pedro for an evening, I feel like he is the best person to just have a chill time with

  • Wade Clark 1 year ago

    Pedro is the Daddy. Baby Yoda eat up all the crumbs.

  • Deus Vitae 1 year ago

    CACKLED at helen doing the ambien voice haha

  • Kiran Soor 1 year ago

    Pedro seems like such a nice guy

  • Alex Champion 1 year ago

    I wonder how the Brits pronounce the name of the TV show Ted Lasso…

  • MayLily 1 year ago

    Yes, we can’t get enough of Pedro! He was so delightful interacting with everyone on the couch. He’s having his moment right now, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s worked steadily all these years so it’s about time.

  • Katherine Lee 1 year ago

    Thank you.

  • connell8 1 year ago

    Stahhhhp they say lasso differently in the UK????


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