Is Tom Brady Really Retiring? | Remorseless Former Pres. Calls For Mass Protests

Published on January 31, 2022

Stephen recaps the weekend’s big football news, including the retirement rumors swirling around Tom Brady, and looks at some self-incriminating comments made by the former president at a rally in Texas. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Matthew Currie 1 year ago

    Why is the Kentucky Senator so familar with a child porn loving neo nazis quotes…..oh yeah its Kentucky.

  • KaylaDawn 1 year ago

    Give the kid a raise! Spot-on 💯

  • Bubbles 1 year ago

    Meanwhile Biden and Trudeau are calling the Canadian Truckers who are protesting the mandates racist homo phobic domestic white supremacist terrorists. The Truckers who are front line hero’s. Prime minister Trudeau decided he needed to head to a secure location because one of his minions was waving a Union Jack flag. And secondly another flag had a nazi sign on it referring to Trudeau being a dictator. MSM spun the story and called all the truckers domestic terrorists waving Nazi signs. LSSC ignoring the trucker protest. Excuse, we don’t pay attention to Canada if it’s not in are best interest and besides the population is like one tenth the size of the US. Compared to Jan 6, Government blaming protesters for the problems they create. And you people support this criminal behavior. So I recommend getting the booster.

  • maven 1 year ago

    Only 144,000 needed so this is certainly one way to get it done.

  • Jeff Watkins 1 year ago

    This monologue made my week…even month. JOE IS BACK!!!

  • Kathleen B. 1 year ago

    Absolutely LOVE that a 7 year old reads trumps speech!

  • Marvin Martion 1 year ago

    So are the cops in the background, trumpys brownshirts?

  • Jamar Meadows 1 year ago

    Our chili is tasty! 😂

  • HS Webb 1 year ago

    Hmmm very interesting that Dr Fauci is advising us that we have to live with Covid even though certain people on TV have been telling us that we could end Covid if we all took the vaccine and stayed home. Stay with me here, maybe just maybe they had no clue and were throwing crap on the wall until something stuck. No wonder people are angry.

  • cmdraftbrn 1 year ago

    that right peeps. the party of “law and order” will dole out pardons for violent criminals.

  • S Copot 1 year ago

    Trump, lock him up…in a hospital!

  • blue kitty 1 year ago

    The reason we need a law that states that the vice president cant overturn the votes of the American voters despite the constitution not giving the vice president that power is the same reason we have warning labels on shampoo bottles not to drink, its stupid but someone will try it then sue when it goes bad.

  • Talaris Watts-EL 1 year ago

    Having a 7 year old boy do Trump’s voice is one of the best bits Colbert ever came up with.

  • Shane Webster 1 year ago

    No words about your neighbours to the north and our record breaking mandate protest? Hmmr.

  • Nettie 1 year ago

    Jon Batist looks stunning as always. 👍

  • lee batt 1 year ago

    Doesnt matter if Pence had the authority to change the outcome or not, he chose not to.

  • Lindalee Law 1 year ago

    Whatever he and his bunch call others,ITS WHO THEY ARE!

  • George Lucas 1 year ago

    Joe Saylor is back…!!

  • WhiteFangofWhoa 1 year ago

    Reality vs. Trumpism, Round 201


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