NYC Rocks With Foo Fighters & Chappelle, As No. 45 Preps Tour With Bill O’Reilly

Published on June 21, 2021

Dave Chappelle surprised the crowd at Madison Square Garden last weekend with a cameo during the full-capacity Foo Fighters concert, marking a pivotal moment in New York City’s reopening. Meanwhile, our former president is preparing to hit the road with Bill O’Reilly. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Alyssa Schmith 1 year ago

    damn, I really don’t like the studio audience. It was so much better without a crowd

  • Mary Ackerman 1 year ago

    LOVE IT!: “ DICK A L’Orange” Perfect!!

  • Matthew George 1 year ago

    You said T****!!!

  • Forge Ustiss 1 year ago

    So Biden personally opposes abortion meaning he wouldn’t get one himself. That’s as much input into the decision that men should have.

  • Rägni's Hammer Venom of the Black Lake 1 year ago

    Those bishops are about to be ghosts, and not the holy kind. Somebody forgot about the Inquisition and guess who is back?

    I mean to be a bishop is literally to be a criminal since 1957, when the Mafia took out the last actual bishops.

    Don’t worry, plenty of ropes and gasoline.

  • Cyril Phang 1 year ago

    Steven screwed up by saying the 45th’s name. Oh no, the magic is broken and Balrog will reach up from the depths of hell and cause unspeakable mayhem.

  • min min 1 year ago

    Jon Batist commenting in the background is the sweetest thing.

  • Ric Seeds 1 year ago

    Colbert actually said Trump’s name on air @ 4:07

  • Mysterion Amalgium 1 year ago

    Remember that time when the Foo Fighters didn’t believe Aids existed and urged everyone with Aids to not take medicine or wear protection during sex.

  • deBASHmode 1 year ago

    The name Weiner and NY politics just don’t mix…

  • KiwiNate41 1 year ago

    Being stuck in your house has only been hell for the 70% of ppl who are extroverts lol. I’ve loved it. Been BLISS!!! No excuses needed to fend ppl off. Only “Sorry there’s a global pandemic. What you want me to do? Have a good day sorry” 😂. Then back to video games or practicing electric guitar, reading, eating and drinking in private or just whatever lol.

  • Bruce Macmillan 1 year ago

    Kink shaming. Lol. What’s next, Kink ‘splaining?

  • Christopher 1 year ago

    sounds like Billionaires* 10:08

  • eponymousIme 1 year ago

    1:35 Jon expressed disapproval of Stephen’s Matt Gaetz joke!? Jon: [shaking head and throwing hands up] “Aw, come on, man…”

  • James Bowman 1 year ago

    Good to have you back LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIV-VE.

  • Mary Rose Kent 1 year ago

    Love Jon’s shirt!

  • Cy Humphreys 1 year ago

    Annoyed at the entire crowd. Not one of them shouted: “How catholic is he”!? When he said “Biden is sooooo catholic”!

  • Theo Shouse 1 year ago

    john’s jazz quotes make me happy

  • David Sweetman 1 year ago

    Ah the Catholic church, does anyone care what they think anymore?


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