Topher Grace Shares His Real Opinion of Tom Hardy’s Venom

Published on March 9, 2022

Topher Grace talks about starring on the show Home Economics, what he thinks of Tom Hardy’s role as Venom and spending time with Mark Cuban.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Kimm134Saya 1 year ago

    Was expecting to see him in NWH.

  • Wietske 1 year ago

    7:10 Fun fact: Jimmy (his co-star) once made a sketch about BirkenSocks on his YouTube channel. It was hilarious.

  • Jeremy D'mello 1 year ago

    I wonder what would have happened had Spider-man 3 been more successful. He’s surprisingly charasmatic.

  • Think Beyond 1 year ago

    Sony’s Venom is garbage and an insult to the character. The look is ok but that’s about. The acting of Eddie and Venom aweful. Venom 2 might be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Topher’s Venom, while not perfect, is WAY better and truer to the comics by far. Sony’s Venom was a wanna be alien Deadpool cracking jokes non-stop.

  • Julian Haro 1 year ago

    Cool just don’t like Seth Myers.

  • Toby Franklin 1 year ago

    Seems like a really sweet guy! Great, funny actor; would love to see him in other comic book roles. His Venom wasn’t bad by any means (just strangely cast) and redemptions are always welcome!

  • Johnny Cotton 1 year ago

    More like Topher mentions venom 🙄

  • Candy MD 1 year ago

    I kind of want a pair of birkensocks now. 2 pairs. I one for me and one for my friend who has birkenstocks.

  • Ken Langston 1 year ago

    In the thumbnail Topher Grace looked like a young Willem Defoe. Lol

  • Humperdoo Saves 1 year ago

    It could have been WAY better. Missed opportunity with Tom Hardy. Too short, script too lazy and generic. Hollywood doesn’t seem to learn how to make original movies. 2nd one same story / formula….. shame

  • Gork Music 1 year ago

    And what’s his real opinion? Oh, what this title is a lie.

  • RedVIII 1 year ago

    Uhm, he didn’t really say what his real thoughts on Hardy’s Venom are? He just said it would have made a fun commercial if he played himself complaining about Hardy being Venom. Or did I miss something??

  • kris jooganah 1 year ago

    That 70’s Show was originally based in Luton in the UK. Then got cancelled after 2 series. It’s the same dialogue and characters. Have a look. All the best from the UK!

  • sdennen 1 year ago

    Eric Forman forever! 😄 Every week, I watch Home Economics and decide this is what Eric would be like as an adult lol.

  • Denny Lewis 1 year ago

    Please get #MarkBernardon on to talk about his Comic book #AdoraAndTheDistanceytelbowcough

  • mercyxmutual 1 year ago

    I love Home Economics! A super fun show

  • Michael Phillips 1 year ago

    far prefer Topher’s Eddie Brock to any other live action version. and his Venom as well! feels to me that people were expecting a Flash Thompson type of Venom, which that wasnt even meant to be.

  • Adam Martin 1 year ago

    Did Topher rob Pee Wee Herman of his clothes?

  • Chris Tibor 1 year ago

    Milwaukee talkies sounds hilarious


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