Mindy Kaling Made Some Bad Dosas With VP Kamala Harris

Published on July 15, 2021

Mindy Kaling truly enjoyed her experience making dosas with Vice President Harris. Unfortunately, they weren’t very good. Catch the second season of Mindy’s show “Never Have I Ever,” streaming now on Hulu. #Colbert #NeverHaveIEver #MindyKaling

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  • Tzadik 10 months ago

    This band is amazing

  • David Connell 10 months ago

    Every clip starts or ends with the best band on TV, but we don’t get to hear it all.

    Please just make a channel for the band…

  • Rich Sackett 10 months ago

    Kamala Harris is the VP we deserve. I’m glad we sent that Indiana bot back.

  • Margia Begum 10 months ago

    Trumps unconstrained behaviour gives the appearance of strength it’s a cliché that Maga’s rise is unstoppable much as Hitlers supposedly was a little over a century ago
    But appearances of strength tend to obscure realities of weakness, hidden cracks behind imposing facades
    For Trump’s maga the crack is that the regime is based on lying how Trumps own apparatus of lies will eventually bring the system down is impossible to predict
    But there’s little question that it profoundly enfeebles the system as a whole
    Truth in the form of accurate information is essential to good decision making truth in the form of political honesty is essential for generating the social trust that is the basis of healthy societies Trump’s Maga lacks both
    Trump may think his Maga movement will Bury an aimless serious free world Nikkita Khrushchev once had a similar thought something to remember in this time of Western self doubt
    Trump no billionaire businessman just a liar now normalising criminality petty criminal – The media should refer to Maga as Radacalised Domestic Extremists not Trump supporters 🙄 Because that’s exactly who they are

  • Slyhound 10 months ago

    Milestone be a slow day at the office

  • Derek's Ho corner 2013 10 months ago

    Stephen Colbert MINDY KA-LING project was such a hilarious show some bad good VP awesomeness job interview

  • Debra Helmlinger 10 months ago

    Why doesn’t Stephen have more subscriber’s

  • Kat B 10 months ago

    Hung what now?

  • Lion Singh 10 months ago

    Hey being Indian heritage … food so yummy and got to learn it as kids. I am British and young was mum why is English food bland ha ha . Now curry is part of the British army ration pack whichever conflict in the world…the squaddies demanded it …and adopted here. More curry shops than fish n chips which comes with curry ;-). YUMMY WORLD

  • Lion Singh 10 months ago

    Hey Stephen she is half JAMACIAN/INDIAN…get that correct

  • Alpha Delta 10 months ago

    Mindy’s writing is some next level stuff, I’ve had tears in my eyes laughing so many times from The Office, ugh.

  • Liz Hutchinson 10 months ago

    The band is on fire tonight!!!

  • peytongonavy 10 months ago

    Damn! I like to laugh at politicians as much as the next radical, but I bet Kamala feels bus-troden. That was a gaff she didn’t think she’d be outed for but then Mindy went and told us! 😂

  • Andrew Passow 10 months ago

    hilarious and charming; love the ‘politicianess’ of V.P. Harris. It’s so fantastic to be truthful and down-to-earth with the country’s leaders: sthg that is GROSSLY missing from the the rest of the world; especially in humorless countries like China and Russia

  • PS G 10 months ago

    I came here for Dosas

  • Clay Ballard 10 months ago

    I love Stephen Colbert, but does every guest have to suck up to the audience. Pandering, just pandering.

  • TheRogueStatesman 10 months ago

    wow… looks like the pandemic affected poor Mindy as much as it did me… 😫


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