Manchin and Sinema Derail Biden’s Agenda as Fox Fearmongers About It: A Closer Look

Published on September 30, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at two centrist Democrats blocking the entire Democratic agenda without saying what they want.

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  • Rose Smith 3 years ago

    It’s amazing that viewers watch and don’t go “hey! But I need that!”

  • morgoth 3 years ago

    56% of Democrats in Arizona still like Sinema??? Are they living under a rock?

  • StephBer1 3 years ago

    They aren’t centrist Democrats, they are rightwing Dems/Republicans.

  • Marcus Willams 3 years ago

    Is anyone gonna ask if they’re getting paid off

  • Agent Orange 3 years ago

    Those two are 100% taking bribes and plants anyway , they dont want any bill that’s why no talking , its obvious who gives these two orders,for what they are doing just switching parties won’t work for people expel them

  • Vincent Reynolds 3 years ago

    Coal and Pharma know they have to block this bill, not negotiate, because they would lose a fair fight. Their tools in Congress think their newfound power comes of gumming up the process, and that means gumming up the process as long as they can get away with it. The answer is to primary them because they are corporate tools, not legislators. And keep doing it because there will be more like them getting wooed by whatever corrupt lobby stands to lose from the Biden agenda.

  • Greg Raynor 3 years ago

    Meyer’s writers are probably the best in the business. He delivers the material adeptly, but the writers he hires are really good.

  • MK CULTRA 3 years ago

    Centrist? BS.

  • William Hinkel 3 years ago

    Watch: look at all the National publicity she is getting!!

  • Tommy Crosby 3 years ago

    Republicans be like: I don’t want my country to sink in debt, just leave American individuals in debt with education, health care and housing debt and leave my country alone!
    Also, please send more billionaires in space aboard Bezos’ dick!

  • chalgress12 3 years ago

    they’re not centrists. they’re extremists. the 3.5t package is a centrist bill, which is why they’re against it.

  • Munkee Nevah Rong 3 years ago

    The Republicans could be less dramatic but Democrats are absolutely ridiculous. Life is hard and the rewards are great. Stop screaming and crying for shortcuts.

  • Moonstone 3 years ago

    “Centrists”? More like conservative Democrats.

  • D V 3 years ago

    EXPELL them it has happened before. 15 time in the Senate and 5 times in The House of Representatives. Look it up.

  • winesap2 3 years ago

    Sinema’s competing desires are Republican desires. If only 56% of Dems support her it is the conservative Dems, so that means the rest of her support is from Republicans and Independents. She wants money $$$ from corporate donors and the ultra rich.


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