John Oliver – Finding a Place for Satire & Immigration as a Comedian | The Daily Show

Published on November 21, 2023

“What is more quintessentially America than coming to a country you don’t belong in, and deciding you’re going to stay?” Former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver discusses the difficulty of doing comedy in America as an immigrant, offering Ronny Chieng words of advice as he began his correspondent career and why he enjoys the feeling of being in trouble when it comes to comedy. #DailyShow #Comedy #JohnOliver



  • AL 5 months ago

    I love both of them so much! So happy to see them together

  • Vodka Cranberry 5 months ago

    Please make Ronnie permanent

  • My Channel 5 months ago

    I’m glad they’re talking about the greencard process. I’ve been in it for nine years. My mental heathl has never been worse. I think about going back quite a lot but I’ve built a life here, now.

  • Durox Kilo 5 months ago

    Americans truly feel and believe the DMV office is the worse it can get, that is infinitely funny to all emigrants…

  • Goodtohave Inajam 5 months ago

    All Americans!! My grandparents came from Yugoslavia!

  • Jason Pekovitch 5 months ago

    That was a solid toss for a Brit

  • Hack Job Garage 5 months ago

    John, You will always be welcome in America! Same with Ronnie! You two have more of a right to be here than ANY trailer park queen! Immigrants are what made this country awesome, and will continue making it fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving and happy New Year everyone!

  • leeloo levay 5 months ago


  • DBRising 5 months ago

    Oh I think we all know how broken the immigration process is, if only politicians felt the same way. Yet then they would have nothing to fight about, campaign on, fund raise with…

  • Ainun Nazieb 5 months ago

    I feel Ronnie is a bit star-struck it’s cute 😂

  • Jill Parmley 5 months ago

    Yall belong to us now ! ❤

  • Jan Mtthsn 5 months ago


  • Antonio Martinez 5 months ago

    Why you are making fun of the disgrace of people? 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Kelbelle 5 months ago

    Great and hilarious interview! It’s true that it’s very difficult to come here. It takes luck and money – people don’t realize that. We tried 3 times ti save up money to board a dinky boat and were attacked by pirates 7-8 times before we landed in Thailand and had ti stay in refugee camps Neogen coming here. And we were able to come here bc we were considered political refugees and our country was at war; whereas my uncle had to stay at the refugee camp for 5 years bc he came a few years later and were considered economic refugees and therefore his escape was not as dire. 😢

  • LadyAJ 5 months ago


  • william hornabrook 5 months ago

    John Oliver going to America to join the Daily Show ended up being an amazing move. Instead of being just another UK panel show comedian (with peace and love), he really found his calling with political satire.

    His show is so meticulously crafted. Funny and informative in equal parts. He was amazing as a Daily Show correspondent and killed it as the first temporary host. He’s been a great gift to American political comedy.

  • Craig Hohmann 5 months ago

    Immigration, to America and staying. Should be treated like a common law marriage. To be citizens.

  • Harv Begal 5 months ago

    Keep Ronny as the permanent host. So much better than the woman that screams 90% of the time.

  • Drew Head 5 months ago

    Ronny isn’t my first choice…… but I really can’t complain about anything if he gets the job. He’s insanely funny.


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