Jimmy Kimmel & Cousin Sal Prank Aunt Chippy with a Fake Medical Exam

Published on June 28, 2021

Since we haven’t been able to see Aunt Chippy in over a year, we told her that before she comes in to our theater she has to have a medical exam to make sure she’s healthy enough to be here. So we flew her out to visit and when she showed up, Jimmy and his Cousin Sal got to work.


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  • Emma 12 months ago

    Too obvious.. these pranks are not funny anymore 🙄

  • Lucio Forte 12 months ago


  • Disney fan Girl 12 months ago

    Aunt Chippy is probably scared to go anywhere,
    thinking she might be pranked! Gotta love her!

  • gg Bice 12 months ago

    Aunt Chippy……..like a volcano ready to errupt! She takes just much, then she’s had it with the assinine comments and behavior!
    LOVED THE COMMENT BEFORE MINE, THAT SHE SHOULD BE ON CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. Omg, her and Larry together would be so funny. No script necessary.
    The suggestion of the colonoscopy DID IT, she was outta there!
    Aunt Chippy ……… she’s one of a kind, and I wish she was on more often. She is quick witted, and NOTHING gets passed her. JUST DON’T MAKE HER ANGRY!🙋

  • Google Account 12 months ago

    Chippy is a good sport. 😆

  • Abigail Laura Falbey 12 months ago

    “And you, you could make a living doing something better than this” that line made me lose it 🤣

  • Sarah Mavignier 12 months ago

    Aunt Chippy pranks are the one infalible thing to put me in a good mood after a bad day!!! Love from Brazil 🇧🇷

  • SammyT 12 months ago

    This looks prearranged, but aunt Chippy is hilarious anyway 🙂

  • Sarahi Gomez 12 months ago

    I love her she is so funny…but poor thing you guys mess with her so much.

  • Patricia Whitten 12 months ago

    Poor Auntie. Surprised she didn’t get you both with the pocketbook!!!!

  • Mark Lorenzo 12 months ago

    @6:34 Two kids laughing at her parents after their prank worked…

  • C Mel 12 months ago

    these are the best segments. We love you Aunt Chippy!!

  • Rodrigo N 12 months ago

    Ma’am we gotta use that for our next patient lol

  • Judith Moore 12 months ago

    Making fun of Aunt Chippy’s weight on national TV actually is mean and hurtful.

  • Raj R 12 months ago

    Never gets old. Two things I can’t stop watching on Jimmy show. 1) Matt Damon feud 2) Pranks on Aunt Chippy

  • Rebecca Staats 12 months ago

    We want more of Aunt Chippy!

  • Steve Wisniewski 12 months ago

    It’s nice with respect that we can make fun or something so difficult that the world has been going through. And she seems like a good game player. Thank you for the laughter. God bless and I hope You and your family are healthy.

  • Abass Gareth 12 months ago

    Am supposed to be dead at 42😂😂😁😁
    I love anty chippy

  • kimberly williams 12 months ago

    Jimmu resembles his aunt so much!

  • Mikey 12 months ago

    I wish I had an Aunt Chippy. What a great woman.


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